Most people will spend a few thousand dollars, and often much more, to acquire beautiful area rugs and floor to floor carpeting for their homes. So they naturally have an interest in protecting their investment and in keeping the floor coverings looking attractive for as long as possible. Carpet cleaning on a regular basis can help accomplish just that and it can also help to keep potential health and safety issues from developing, by keeping the growth of bacterial and microorganisms in check.

As these microscopic organisms build up in your carpeting because cleaning carpets has not been high on the priority list, they can cause a great deal of problems for people who are sensitive to dust mites and other tiny creatures in your carpets. Many people are allergic to these microorganisms and if they are allowed to flourish they can start to create an unhealthy environment in the home, even for those who are not particularly sensitive to such things and who don't have allergies.

Experts say that one of the best ways to keep these minute dangers from thriving and getting a strong foothold in your rugs and carpets is to have carpet cleaning done at least two times each year. There are various types of cleaning carpet methods available to homeowners and which method is best will depend on a number of factors.

One of the first things that should be evaluated, when deciding how to handle the cleaning of your carpets, is the amount of foot traffic that regularly passes through the carpeted areas of your home. The more people and pets that are going in and out of the house and are traipsing around on the carpeted area or oriental rugs and other area rugs, the more quickly the dirt, dust and microorganisms will collect and start to thrive. A lot of foot traffic in heavily used areas will also serve to grind in the dirt, debris and dust mites deeper into the carpet, making them harder to remove by vacuuming alone.

When cleaning carpets of any type or style, you must also take into account the kind of material that the carpeting has been made out of. Using the wrong cleaning carpet method can damage the rugs and ruin your investment.

This is one reason why is it such a good idea to call on carpet and rug cleaning professionals who have experience and expertise. While hiring professional carpet cleaners will cost more than if you were to do it yourself, you won't need to worry about destroying your new carpeting or expensive Oriental rugs.

Carpet cleaning companies typically offer five different types of carpeting cleaning; bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning, foam cleaning, shampooing and steam cleaning. The professional cleaning service can check the materials that your carpeting is made of and let you know the best method to use. You should get estimates before hiring a service to clean your carpets and ask for references as well.

By: Michael Selvon

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