Dry Carpet Cleaning Machines

Dry cleaning carpet machines clean a carpet without using a liquid detergent. It is usually used to clean carpets that are made of fine fibers, because it prevents moisture build up and damage to the carpet. The solution used in a dry carpet-cleaning machine is a powder-based substance that is sprinkled or sprayed on the carpet evenly, left to dry and then vacuumed to remove the dirt.

Any time you use a dry carpet cleaner; you should always vacuum your carpet first. If there is a wet spill on the carpet, make sure that it is dried before using the machine. A wet spot can prevent the machine from working properly and prevent the cleaning solution from working properly. The whole idea of a dry carpet cleaner is that it uses low moisture to clean. The cleaning agent is only a 10% water mix. This eliminates the problem of over wetting the carpet and there is no need to worry about shrinkage, buckling or mildew. The dry carpet cleaning method works much faster than hot water cleaning, and the detergent are environmentally safe. Dry carpet cleaning is one of the safest ways to clean a carpet. Dirt is sucked into the machine and the carpet is cleaned in an efficient manner with less of a mess. The cleaner has various attachments including brushes, foams, sprays, powders, etc. It is safe to use on most fiber carpets and it is extremely powerful. The circular motion of the vacuum tank extracts the toughest dirt and is very effective in high traffic areas like living rooms and dens.

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