Red carpet shows are a great challenge for top international fashion designers because of their wide media coverage across the world. Celebrities love to participate in these events flaunting their dresses specially designed for these occasions so much so that these events have become a virtual fashion show exhibiting the designer clothes from world's top designers, branded accessories and flamboyant jewelries.

These red carpet events are the most eagerly awaited occasions for not just the celebrities but also their fans who throng these shows to have a glimpse of their favorite celebrities. The fans wait for hours that are surelyworthwhile when they see the elegant looking stars beautifully and elaborately dressed, getting down from their sparkling limos and walking down the red carpet; it is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many.

The celebrities do not mind in spending thousands of dollars getting that right dress to put on for such occasions and it is always in the back of minds of all celebs as to who among so many of them is going to steal the show this time. The gorgeous stars of Hollywood such as Sofia Loren, Kim Basinger, Julie Andrew and Nicole Kidman have played a crucial part in making the red carpet functions what they are today. The red carpet event has always been a crucial occasion and the fashion trends have gradually grown over the years right from 1950s, with every celeb playing his or her part in making the red carpet so important today.

The Golden Globe this year witnessed the rich range in fashion trends. While J Lo adorned a plunging golden dress just a few days after delivering a baby, Beyonce looked fabulous in her off-shoulder evening gown. Tina fey wore a sensuous look in a low-cut, while Renee Zellweger and Kate Winslet looked elegant in no-cuts. Just a year back, long one shoulder dresses and strapless evening gown were the trends and many Hollywood celebrities like Laura Linney, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock showed their one shoulder off dresses. In jewelries too, the variations could be quite easily seen as many stars such as Beyonce chose chic diamond jewelries, while Megan Fox and J Lo put on a golden glitz, and many such as Angelina and Penelope Cruz chose to go for the demure silvery look.

The stars displayed a lot of colors as well at the previous year Golden Globe. While Anna Paquin and Anne Hathaway looked stunning in navy blue, Hayden Pannettier charmed in her navyish-purple. Rumer Wills charmed the occasion in her plum chiffon gown, while Cameron Diaz looked striking in pink ruffles. There were many who chose bright colors as well such as Eva Longoria who wore a red satin gown and Christina Applegate wearing a bright yellow strapless dress. Drew Barymore, Julie Benz and Mary Lousie Parker looked cool in blue attire.

With global coverage of all red carpet functions right from Golden Globe to Oscars to Cannes thanks to electronic media and internet, designers become busy the moment they are done with one. The coverage of these red carpet events is so huge that there are hundreds of television crews competing with each other to take the best shot for their viewers, apart from scores of websites that owe their existence to these events. All the latest fashion is now available to television audiences and internet users so easily that they can themselves dress up like celebrities by capturing the latest fashion trends followed by the trend-setting stars on the red carpets.

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