New freshly installed carpet everyone love that new carpet smell, after time has passed the new smell vanishes. Most people say the answer to this problem is to clean the carpet. It is very important for you to know that carpet cleaning is more complex than it sounds. It is important to know the basics to know how to care for you new carpet.

The most important tip for caring for your carpet is vacuuming. Your carpet will should longer and stay clean longer if you owe a good quality vacuum. This is important because dirt acts like sandpaper to your carpet fibers. If not remove with a good vacuum you will start seeing wear in your carpet.

To keep this new fresh looking carpet you shall be aware for different types of cleaning methods. A method known as wet cleaning eliminates those greases and oils trapped in your carpet. This is the most used type of carpet cleaning. Another type of carpet cleaning known as shampooing is a cleaning soap spread on the carpet by rotary type brush machine which is forced into the fibers. Usually within thirty minutes your carpet can be vacuumed to remove the dirt and grime.

It is important to remember when you are taking care of newly installed flooring there are many cleaning methods available. Each method has benefits, and can give great results when perform correctly. Which ever method you choose to use, be sure to dry the carpet.

Drying the carpet stops the carpet from smelling and mildewing. Frequent care for your carpeting, the longer it will last.

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