Carpet is one of the most important things in your home to keep clean. Keeping your carpet clean is important, for both health and cost effective reasons. Your health can be largely affected by dust mites and other allergens that make carpets their home, and it is more financially sound to keep your carpet clean than it is to purchase a new carpet. You should professionally clean your carpets every twelve to eighteen months, and vacuum every day or two to keep them from appearing dingy.

There are many different ways to remove spots and odors from your carpets. To keep odors out of your carpet, periodically sprinkle baking soda on your carpets. The baking soda will remove a wide range of odors, from pet odors to body odor in carpets. When a spill occurs, it is important to spot clean it immediately. If you leave a spill on the carpet too long, it is more likely the stain will be permanent. Do not rub the stain too hard, as it will become more difficult to remove from the carpet but it could spread further and make a larger stain. Rubbing the stain too hard will also weaken the fibers of your carpet. It is best for the carpet if the spill is blotted so that there is no extra damage to the carpet.

Use gentle cleansers such as shampoo or dish soap to remove stains. Club soda and vinegar also work well on carpet stains. There are many commercial spot cleaners on the market for residential carpet use. Before applying these cleaners to the carpet, choose an inconspicuous area of the carpet to test the cleanser. When you are spot cleaning spills, use white cloths or plain white paper towels so that you can monitor the amount of the stain that has been removed.

For the more solid spills like pudding or peanut butter, scrape off the excess spill with a butter knife or similar object. Rinse the remaining part of the spill with warm water, and blot the rest of the spill out of the carpet. Solids that have dried on the carpet can be broken up and vacuumed out of the carpet. Any remaining stain from a dried solid spill can be rinsed and blotted out of the carpet.

There are also several different carpet cleaning methods to keep your carpets clean. Developing a regular routine of cleaning your carpet is the best way of prolonging the looks of your carpet.

The carpet shampoo method utilizes a foamy chemical that is scrubbed into the carpet. This cleaning solution binds with the dirt in the carpet. You apply the carpet shampoo to the carpet, allow it to attract the dirt and dry, and vacuum up the residue. Carpet shampooing is one option but because of the nature of detergents, it can allow the carpets to resoil easily.

Another method is dry cleaning. Dry Cleaning uses a dry absorbent compound to attract dirt and debris, and what remains can be vacuumed away. This option is used for common maintenance in areas that get a lot of traffic but need to be used regularly, which means there is no drying time available for the carpet.

The next method is called hot water extraction. Hot water extraction, commonly called steam cleaning, uses a fine spray mist of water to force out dirt, which quickly picked up by the vacuum part of the steam cleaner. You can perform hot water extraction on your own, or you can hire professionals to do the job for you. Either way, hot water extraction is the cleaning method almost all carpet manufacturers recommend for their carpets. The biggest downfall with this method is the drying time of the carpet. If the carpet is left too wet, it can form mold or mildew

For highly soiled carpets, there is the combination dry foam extraction method. This method begins with dry foam being applied to the carpet. A circular brush scrubs the carpet to loosen the dirt and soil. This solution is then extracted from the carpet leaving the carpet to dry very quickly. This method for heavy soil is the best removal option and the nice thing is that there is no residue left in the carpets to resoil quickly.

Remember that a clean carpet can greatly enhance your indoor air quality. It will reduce the dust mites and other allergens in your home and maintain the beauty of your investment. This can ultimately save thousands in costly carpet replacement.

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Purchasing carpet in your home can have many advantages that you will not find with other flooring types. It is the most common choice in most homes because it offers versatility and a degree of fashion and practicality. Carpet offers a natural cushion if you fall and offers a slip resistant surface which helps to prevent accidents. Carpet also provides an added layer of insulation for your home which can add to the energy efficiency. It provides warmth underfoot and reduces the noise and the clatter that you get from bare floors. With the advances in technology you will find that most carpets that are manufactured today are more stain resistant than ever before which can make cleaning them much easier.

In the past it was thought that carpets and allergies did not go together. Some doctors encouraged their patients to remove carpeting in favor of bare floors. It has been found that carpet can actually reduce the allergens in your home by trapping them in the fibers. Once the allergens have been trapped in the carpet you will find that you need to clean the carpets on a regular schedule. If you neglect your carpet it will show and you may create health problems that you are not aware of. The quality of the air inside your home is a growing problem today because houses are being built more energy efficient. You can improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home and provide relief from your allergies by following a few simple tips.

Most problems that come from having carpet in your home are caused from a lack of maintenance. Vacuuming your carpet 3 to 4 times a week and following a regular deep cleaning schedule will greatly reduce the allergens that aggravate your allergies. Also using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will prevent putting these allergens back in your breathing space. You will also find that vacuuming upholstered furniture frequently will remove the allergens that cause allergy attacks. When children are jumping on your furniture or when people just plop down you will prevent these particles from being distributed into your breathing space.

Placing small mats strategically in high traffic areas mainly at entrances to rooms will reduce the amount of dirt and other particles tracked on your carpet which will improve the air you breathe. Avoid using thick drapes or long heavy curtains that attract dust and are difficult to wash. Use shutters, blinds or light washable curtains which are easy to remove a buildup of dust. Using furniture with canvas, leather or some other dense easily cleaned fabric will reduce the chance of aggravating your allergies.

Remove spots on the carpet as they appear. Common spills which include food, drinks, marks from pets, urine or other unsanitary problems cause the growth of bacteria. Odors in your carpet are a sign of bacteria growth even if you cannot see a stain. By removing marks and smells from your carpet you prevent allergic reactions. Mold will spread in areas of your home that are warm, dark and humid. Also mold will spread in poorly ventilated areas such as showers or basements. Moisture and warmth cause molds to spread quickly. Controlling the humidity in your home and removing mold will avoid triggering allergy attacks.

Dust mites, fungus, mold and mildew are easily removed with a proper carpet cleaning routine. The best way to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions in your home is to clean your carpet and upholstery at least twice a year. There are many types of carpet cleaning methods available and you will find a low moisture method is the best to sanitize your carpet and upholstery. These tips will improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home and prevent any further development of allergies, asthma or any other breathing problems.

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Jim Thornton has been cleaning carpets for many years. In that time many methods of carpet cleaning have been used but the best carpet cleaning results have been achieved using dry foam extraction. For more information go to

Carpet cleaning is a billion dollar a year industry in the United States. Many commercial and residential cleaning companies clean carpets as a part of their business. Carpet cleaning equipment can be split into three different categories, truck mount extraction equipment, portable extraction equipment, and residential extraction cleaners. Each category is used for different applications with varying results. When purchasing carpet cleaning equipment it is important to match the machine to the types of carpet you will be doing. For professional carpet cleaners truck mount cleaning equipment is recommended. The average commercial cleaning company that dabbles in carpet cleaning will usually buy portable equipment that can easily be moved from place to place but will stand up to repeated use. The residential consumer will usually purchase lower costing equipment that is used infrequently and is priced much less that the other two categories.

Commercial truck mount cleaning equipment is a high powered carpet extraction unit that is usually housed in a van or trailer. Truck mount cleaning equipment is usually powered by a van or truck motor or by a portable generator. These types of systems can carry their own water and cleaning solutions making them independent and extremely mobile. Truck mount cleaning equipment is the most powerful of all the types of carpet extractors. The power of carpet equipment is measured by the pounds per square inch or PSI that the water is sprayed into the carpet at. The more powerful of a spray that the piece of carpet equipment emits the cleaner the carpets will get. Another method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning works on the principal of heating water to break down grime and soil, making the carpets cleaner. Most truck mount units have built in heaters that can super heat the water quickly making them extremely effective. With the combination of heat and PSI truck mount extraction surpasses any other method of carpet cleaning.

Portable carpet cleaning equipment units are small, light weight and extremely maneuverable. These units can be easily transported in a minivan or truck and can be lifted up and down stairs. Portable carpet extractors have moderate to low PSI capabilities and are used primarily for spot cleaning and touchups. Some portable units do have the capacity to heat water using electricity but are limited to lower temperatures that truck mount equipment. The two types of portable extractors are push/pull units or units that utilize a carpet extraction wand. In comparison portable machines are about twenty five to fifty percent less expensive than truck mount extractors and are very reasonable to operate.

Residential or consumer carpet extractors are more commonly known as steam cleaners. Common steam cleaner manufactures include Hoover and Eureka. Consumer carpet extractors do a great job at spot cleaning and are usually priced under five hundred dollars. Most types of consumer carpet cleaning equipment works on the principle of agitating the carpet fibers and rinsing them with a water solution. These units do not have the capability to deep clean but do a sufficient job at removing visible debris. Most steam cleaners are based on the upright vacuum cleaner design and resemble these units in many ways. These units are great to have around for removing food and drink spills or if you have pets. Steam cleaners or residential types of cleaning equipment are mostly disposable units that are not meant to be repaired or discarded when they become non functional. Steam cleaners and steam vacs are extremely portable and can be used easily in multi level homes with most types weighing under thirty pounds. These units can increase the life of carpets by quickly removing debris before it is ground in and becomes a stain.

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If you have kids you know that they can often have a very negative impact on your carpet. Is it possible to have a clean carpet and kids? The answer to that question is yes, it is possible. There are however some things that you need to know and do to make them live well together. Read this article and learn some tricks to help you keep your carpet clean when you have kids.

The biggest thing you can do to protect your carpets is the most obvious. That is to not let them bring food onto the carpet. This is of course easier said than done but it is possible. Use extra caution when your children have juice or other colored drinks. Even if you put them in a sippy cup they can end up on the carpet. Sippy cups may not spill but they do drip. Solid foods can also be a problem especially when they drop them on the floor and then walk on them, grinding them into the carpet. So if you do choose to allow your kids to have food and drink on the carpet be sure to at least supervise them while they have them. The next tip is to vacuum the carpet more regularly. Once a week is good if you have no children but with kids you may need to vacuum every other day or even every day in high traffic areas. They bring a lot of soil onto the carpet and you need to get it up as soon as possible to prevent the soil from staining and damaging the carpeting. So keep your vacuum handy and in good condition. The last tip I have for you is to keep a good bottle of spotter and some cotton terry cloth spotting towels handy. Have them in a convenient location so that you can get to them quickly to clean up that sudden accident. Having spotter handy will allow you to clean the spots as they happen instead of letting them build up. If you let the spots build up you will have a big problem in no time.

Carpet and children do not have to be at odds with one another. You can in fact live with both if you just take a few moments to do a little maintenance. The effort is well worth the result of a clean and long lasting carpet and a home you like to be in.

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Choosing the right fiber is something that a person should consider before purchasing carpeting. Fibers can have more stitches per inch which means carpet twist density. The tighter the carpet twist the better quality the fiber for the carpeting is. Depending on the density and the level of twists in the fiber, this will account for the grade of the carpeting.

Warranty on the carpeting is another point to consider when shopping for carpeting. Polyester has a warranty of "Texture Retention, or "NO Matte No Crush" in the warranty. If the warranty does not have this, must likely it is a poor grade of carpeting. Make sure the warranty is one that is going to help you in case of default in the product. Polyester has a better stain resistant warranty then nylon fibers, which can be a great value.

Over 60% of Nylon is used to make carpeting and is well know of a product used in the carpeting fibers. Nylon has a high abrasion and stand up to resistant, strong retention, and great for high traffic area. Nylon will retain the shape once it walked on. Nylon also is a great value for your money. Well know companies such as Dupont, Allied Anso do test for performance, quality and durability.

For commercial carpets use Berber and polypropylene also known as olefin. Polypropylene has a great stain resiting. One problem with the carpet of Berber is polypropylene is a liquid to dye the fibers as the coloring goes though the fibers and is a petroleum base as with oil based stains will be hard to get out as some of the other stains. With light color Berber for high traffic areas might lead to stains from the feet as our feet contain oil and on this type of carpeting the oil will be in the fibers. Try staying with darker colors for a Berber carpeting.

The oldest carpet fibers are wool. Wool wears along time and feels comfortable. Soils and stains are a probley with wool is in humid areas wool will not stand up, can hold moisture with developing an odor.

Price of wool is very expensive, as wool carpets are not as common as in early years. Wool is great for great feel, and not much traffic. Then this would be a great choice.

Some carpets are made up of some of the fibers as others are make up of only one type of fiber.

When purchasing good quality carpet, check to make sure the carpet is made up of the fibers, such as nylon, Berber, wool and polyester. Polyester fiber is the best source for a carpet.

Depending on the area where the carpet is going to be laid at will depend on the fiber of the carpet. Remember cheap carpets are good but quality carpeting will save you money in the long run

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Do you ever notice that people seem to be a little friendlier this time of year? The Christmas season brings out the best in everyone, it truly is the season to be jolly! It is a time for family and friends coming together and enjoying good food and good company. The cleanup is a reality of the holiday season that many people forget about after the celebrating is over. Not only do we have a mess to contend with but also many times we have spills and stains on the carpet; gravy, wine, beer, coffee and soda, to mention a few. I have learned that most people treat these spills wrong and cause the stain to set into the carpet, making the job of removing them much more difficult.

This article will provide a guide to cleaning the most common spills that you get after the holiday season. The most important thing to remember is that timing is everything when it comes to a spill, the faster you clean up after a spill the better chance you have of removing the stain completely. There is three important steps you must follow to clean any stain.

The first step is to immediately blot the spill with a dry white cloth, napkin or paper towel, try to remove as much liquid as possible before going on to the next step.

The second step is to clean the spot and in order to do that you should mix a solution of mild dish detergent (no bleach) and warm water. Once you have mixed the solution blot the stain.

The third step is to neutralize the stain with a solution. Each stain has a different mixture and a solution for a few of the most common stains is included. Put the mixture into a spray bottle, mist the spot after cleaning it, and blot with a paper towel to absorb excess liquid. You can also spray with plain water and blot after you are done to rinse the area and make sure there are no chemicals left on the carpet.

For coffee, tea, beer, or white wine, the neutralizing mixture is one third of a cup of white vinegar and two thirds of a cup of water. For cola, soda, or pop stains, the mixture is one tablespoon of household ammonia and half a cup of water. For gravy stains you do not put it into a spray bottle you blot the spot after cleaning with a small amount of dry cleaning solvent (you may substitute isopropyl alcohol), make sure to use very small amounts to avoid any damage to the carpet.

The trickiest spot of all to clean is red wine, it is very important to treat this spill properly or you risk setting it into the carpet. Simply follow step one, then instead of cleaning it with water and dish detergent you mix one teaspoon of neutral dish soap (dawn works great) with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. You can pour the mixture over the spill to pre-soak it. You should actually see the red wine disappear in front of your eyes. If there is still a residue left afterwards rinse it with water, blot, and then pour a mound of salt on, the spot (the salt will draw the moisture and residue out of the carpet) wait until morning and then simply vacuum up the stain.

These tips for stain removal will help you with any of your holiday spills. Just remember to test any of the chemicals you use on an inconspicuous section of carpet, you can do this by putting a small amount on a white cloth and hold it to the carpet for 30 - 60 seconds, if there is no color transfer on to the cloth you should be fine. Please remember as well, that when the instructions say to blot, do not rub at the carpet or you risk damaging the fibres and making the stain go deeper into the fabric. Good Luck with your stain removal and Happy Holidays!

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Carpets can get mold in them because the fabric locks the moisture in to create it. It is easy for moisture or water to get locked in the carpet, and you have to make sure your house is dry and if you wash your carpet, you need to get all the water out. You need to go over the carpet over and over again until the water is out and the carpet does not feel that wet. This way, it will not cause mold to grow. If mold gets in the carpet, it can cause allergies and problems to your health, which can get worse if it is not taken care of right away.

It can cause rashes, hives, the mold can get in the air, it can get in your furniture, and it can cause you to have breathing problems. This carpet mold can cause serious and permanent damage to your health so you have to make sure that your carpet does not have mold growing in it. If you try to clean the carpet with carpet cleaners or a carpet cleaning machine, it will not get rid of the mold you will have to throw it away and out of your house. If it is not removed, the problem will get worse and so will your health problems.

A lot of people think if you clean the carpet really well, it will get rid of the mold but what they do not know is that the mold locks into the fabrics of the carpet and stays there. You can clean the mold with bleach, but that will ruin the carpet and it will be no good. When wetness or moisture locks in, it will spread throughout the carpet and it will get in the cracks of the floors, which will cause an even bigger problem. Once the carpet is removed from the house, you will need to clean the floor really well to make sure that the mold is gone.

This is to be done whether you are putting a new carpet in or not, and this is to protect your family and their health. You can tell if you have mold by the smell in the air because it will smell moldy or musty. When you take out the carpet, you will need to wear a mask on your face and glove in your hands so you will not be affected by the mold. Mold releases toxins that are very dangerous to humans or pets, and that is why you need to keep your kids and pets away when you are removing it.

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Carpet cutting machines come in different styles and have different uses. Some are simply for the cutting of carpet lengths to the length ordered. Others are meant to aid in the manufacture custom designed carpets and may even be computer numerically controlled. Prices will vary with the quality and complexity you need in your carpet cutting machines. The first carpet cutting machines came into being around the turn of the twentieth century and eliminated the need for hand cutting of carpets to lengths ordered by the customers.

Carpet cutting machines have evolved over the years to where most carpet distributors have one type or another in their shop. Hand held models used in smaller shops are a little bit bigger and heavier than you average circular saw and are operated similarly. The carpet is laid out flat and measured to the length ordered, then the carpet cutting machine is applied just as a circular saw would be and pushed across the entire width giving a clean even cut. Carpet cutting machines built to load rolls onto them are used at bigger distributors. You load the roll of carpet on one side as it comes from the manufacturer. Then thread it through the central part of the machine. You can then program this type of carpet cutting machines to measure out the ordered lengths and roll them up while they are being measured.

The other style of carpet cutting machines is a computer numerically controlled cutter that can cut fancy shapes for specialized uses. One example is those specially shaped carpets used for advertising purposes. Other uses are the rug you put down in your bathroom to protect your feet on cold winter days, mats for your car and just about any other type of specially cut carpet.

The cost of carpet cutting machines may seem high when you first explore getting one, but the amount of labor saved by them more than makes up for the original investment. Take into consideration, the accidents that happen when you manually cut carpet and the savings rise even more. Some of the finer carpet cutting machines can only be leased and not bought. A lease may seem more expensive at first examination, but consider that maintenance contract costs are built right into the lease instead of being added on at the end of a purchase. Then, take into account that when a better model comes out, your expense of switching to it and bettering your production rates and capabilities will be a lesser expense than purchasing new carpet cutting machines. Also, consider that if your carpet cutting machines break down beyond repair on site, the leasing company will bring replacements out to your place of business to keep their end of the lease fulfilled.

Carpet cutting machines have come a long ways from when they were first introduced. Where the first ones would simply cut off the length of carpet needed for the roll to go to the distributors to where they can now make specially designed carpets controlled by computers.

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Carpet, most houses have it. It is a great all purpose affordable flooring but can be trouble some times. Keep reading this article and learn about some of the problems with carpet and some cures for those problems.

The most common problem that a carpet will face is staining. This is especially true if you have kids or pets. Most stains can be removed with a general spotter. When you go to remove stains get a good quality spotter and be sure not to rub the carpet. Instead you should blot it to avoid damaging the fibers. If you have stains that are not being removed with spotting you should call a professional cleaner in who will have other methods and cleaners.

Another problem that carpet often faces is burns. This can be from cigarettes, irons or even friction burns from dragging furniture across carpet. If you get a burn there is often no other solution but to have it cut out and a patch put in. A good installer will be able to cut out the area and replace it with a section of carpet from a closet or other hidden are. Minor cigarette burns can sometimes be fixed by using nail clippers to cut the affected part of the carpet tuft off. Use caution though.

Wear is another problem of carpet. It can cause the carpet to appear darker and can cause the ends of tufts to begin to fuzz. There is no cure for wear only preventative measures. Vacuum your carpet often and use area rugs and door mats to trap soil in other areas of the home before they can wear your carpet.

Overall carpet is a great flooring. Use the above tips to make it last longer and make it easier to live with. Good luck with your carpets.

Find out more about carpet cleaning in Plano, TX at the authors website on carpet cleaning.

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