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There is a wide array of carpet available today. With so many various types it is easy to suit your taste and find a flooring solution for your home and the way that you live. When you are choosing the carpet that is right for your home it comes down to finding the right combination of aesthetics, performance and budget to best meet the needs of your lifestyle.

You need to know that it seems that seams are inevitable. Carpet comes in widths of 12’, 15’ and even sometimes 13’. So if the room that you are having carpeted is not narrower than these widths the carpet will be seamed. There might be a visible or peaked seam if you choose a looped or low-profile patterned carpet. The texture, color, lighting, and furniture placement will all play a role in the visibility of seam.

You need to know that as carpet bends over stairs it is possible for its backing to show. This also depends on the texture and the color of the carpet that you choose. If you are going with a looped carpet you should know that it can snag, particularly at the seam or at a carpet transition.

With all carpets you should know that the nap runs in one direction. Many cut pile style carpets have a pile reversal, or shading, which is a normal characteristic. When using plush carpet this can be particularly apparent.

You should remember that quality equals durability. With higher quality carpet you will usually have a greater pile density, and a tighter twist construction, which in turn will result in a better durability. It is also easier for you to update your homes d├ęcor with carpet compared to other hard surface options. Dollar for dollar carpet can offer significant styling advantages and can also add value to your home. Carpet also feels warm underfoot and reduces household noise.

When you add color it has a big impact on any room in your home. You should keeps some basic rules in mind when you are selecting carpet for your home since it does cover a large area of any room. As far as carpet color you should know that once a carpet is installed in a new home the carpet can often look lighter than the sample that you saw. This is a natural effect and you need to be aware of this when you are making your carpet color selection.

You should also keep in mind how the color of the carpet affects the apparent size of the room. If you are looking to visually expand the room size you should go with a lighter colored carpet. With darker colored carpet it can seem to bring the walls closer together, and can create a more intimate feeling.

If you are expecting to change your decorating scheme often or you are trying to incorporate a lot of existing furniture you should go with neutral colored carpet. Using a neutral colored, good quality carpet is a good idea if the home will be resold any time soon. It’s easier for a prospective buyer to imagine their furniture in a room that is decorated with neutral colors.

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