Four Quick Carpet Don'ts

Carpet is an expensive investment that must be taken care of. It is not that hard if you follow a few rules. In this article you will find four quick don'ts of carpet care.

The first don't is don't drag furniture across carpeting. Dragging furniture across carpet can leave burn marks from the friction. If you have Berber carpet you could also snag a fiber and cause a run. So lift furniture when you move it instead of dragging it.

The second don't is to don't use unapproved cleaners for carpet spotting. Use only chemicals that say they are approved for stain resistant caret. This means that they are safe for the carpet. Other chemicals can damage the carpet by setting the stains, bleaching the carpet or can chemically react with the carpet changing its color.

Another don't of carpet care is to don't scrub on your carpeting. Scrubbing the carpet can distort the carpet fibers and leave a noticeable spot. If you have to scrub to get a spot out then you are using the wrong chemical.

Number four on the list is to don't wait too long before having your carpets cleaned. Waiting too long will give stains longer to set and will allow the soil to wear down the fibers. Carpet is designed to hide soil so set yourself up on a regular cleaning schedule.

Taking care of your carpet will save you a lot of money. It is an expensive investment so follow these don'ts and your carpet will last much longer.

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