Indoor air quality can become 10 times dirtier than outdoor air quality. This can happen if you do not ensure proper and hygienic carpet cleaning. Your home therefore will become a source of diseases and allergies.

A dirty carpet is the ideal place for bacteria and germs to multiply. You may never notice it but there is deeply embedded dirt and dust under your carpet. Dirt and dusts are the primary causes of most allergies. You can never get rid of carpet dirt and dust through vacuum cleaning alone.

That is why you will certainly need help from a professional carpet cleaning service. Here are the most essential benefits you can get from professional carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Can Effectively Prevent Diseases

By getting the services of professional carpet cleaning, you will be able to effectively prevent the spread of common diseases in your home. Remember, only surface dirt and dust are removed by your regular vacuum cleaning.

But a professional carpet cleaning service will use highly specialized cleaning agents and methods in order to remove deeply embedded dirt in your carpet. Because of this, the air quality inside your home will definitely improve.

Your children therefore will be safe from germs and bacteria that cause allergies, respiratory ailments, and other illnesses caused by dirt and dust. Your home therefore will become a pleasant place free from nasty bacteria.

Restoring the Original Beauty of Your Carpet

With the help of professional cleaning, your carpet can be restored to its original quality so you can enjoy your carpet for a very long time. You will be able to save money because you will not have to buy new carpet for your home.

Pet stains, child stains, and tough dirt, cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning powder. You can actually damage your carpet if you clean it inappropriately.

Professional carpet usually use specific cleaning materials for tough stains. These carpet cleaning agents are tough on dirt but will be sensitive to the fabric of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning professionals also employ new techniques in drying your carpet. With the professional methods of carpet cleaners, your carpet can be restored to its former beauty. You can certainly enjoy a nice looking carpet without buying new ones.

Definite Know-how on Different Carpet Types

If you do not know anything about carpet materials and the proper cleaning agents for them, then you should never attempt to clean your carpet on your own.

Professional carpet cleaners have the necessary knowledge about different carpet types. That is why they will know what cleaning materials are needed in order to protect your carpet. They will also know the right procedures of carpet cleaning. Because of this, your carpet will be protected from damages.

You need professional carpet cleaning at least once every six months. You might want to schedule frequent carpet cleaning if there are lots of children in the house. If this is the case, professional cleaning should be done every three months.

You must also schedule immediate carpet cleaning if you will move into a new house. This way, you can effectively prevent diseases and avoid serious health complications.

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Changing the carpet in your home is not the most fun experience. Sure, it's nice to have new carpet and it does make a house look completely different but the fact is, it is a lot of work for the homeowner. Finding a good carpet installer can be a very difficult process. Picking out the carpet is hard enough - it can be time consuming and stressful. Making sure that you have to correct person to install it is even more important than picking out the carpet itself. Carpet is so expensive so you don't want it ruined. You want to hire someone that will do the seams correctly and measure it good. If you hire someone who isn't qualified because you wanted to save a few dollars could potentially cost you a lot more money in ruined carpet. Please read the following before you hire anyone.

When hiring a carpet installer, make sure that they are certified. Check their contractor's license and make sure that it is current and that no one has reported them. You can do all of this online. It will even tell you the status of their bond and workman's compensation - if they need it. Many people decide to hire an unlicensed person to install their carpet. This is not a good idea. It could cost you a lot of money if you hire the wrong person. You need to protect yourself. If you hire someone that has good insurance then if something happens you are covered. If you hire someone that is not licensed then you have no real protection.

Get someone that is experienced in installing carpet in residential homes. You don't want to hire someone that is mostly installs in apartments or commercial buildings. This is because it is so different to install in homes rather than other types of buildings.

Get their references. Make sure that you call their references. Get as many as possible and get some from a year ago to see if there were any problems from older jobs. Don't take a chance.

Make sure that the estimate is in writing and that it has everything included on it. Don't be surprised later by hidden costs.

Keep communicating with the carpet installer once he is hired.

Know what is going to happen to the old carpet before you sign any contracts. It can be quite expensive to dispose of old carpet.

Your carpet installer should work out well if you abide by these suggestions. Keep communication open with them throughout the whole process. Allow them room to work and stay out of their way. This makes it much easier for the carpet installer. Remember, too, that old carpet can make people sick. Try not to have your family around it when it is being taken out.

Make the carpet installer you hire work for it. Allow them to prove themselves to you. Get recommendations and try them out. The more prepared you are the better off you will be.

Choosing a qualified carpet installer is an important step if you want to avoid problems. In fact, if you get references before choosing a carpet installer you can expect the highest quality of work.

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You're ready, willing and able to purchase a brand new carpet today. You decide to go out shopping but are stressed out by all the different types of carpet fibers, colors and weave patterns. Here is an easy way to shop for carpet. You'll save money and get the carpet of your dreams.

In my line of business people always ask me, "what is the best type of carpet to buy?". While in their homes the answer is easy because I know exactly what they are looking for. I know their needs. But for you, the complete stranger, I may need to dig a little deeper. How much traffic will the carpet receive. What is your budget? Will you be eating in the rooms where the carpet will be? Do you wear shoes in the home? All of these questions will ultimately lead you to the perfect carpet for your home.

Walk into any carpet dealer and you will most likely be faced with four types of carpet. Nylon dominates 80% of the residential market followed by olefin and polyester. Wool is very rarely found and only represents about 1% of the residential market. Some characteristics of wool include it being very absorbent. It can hold as much as ten times it weight in water and hold up to 30% of it's weight in water without feeling wet to the hand. Wool is burn resistant. It is by far the most beautiful and posh of the carpet fibers but is very difficult to clean long term without distortion of the fibers. Red dyes in particular are very difficult to clean from wool carpet.

Olefin is found more in commercial spaces. It's very economical. Some challenges that you may face with olefin include a very low heat threshold. Simply dragging something heavy over the carpet may produce enough heat to permanently burn the olefin and leave a drag mark. Olefin doesn't dissolve in bleach although the color might. It's strong but do not expect long lasting beauty from it.

Polyester is manufactured to look like nylon and is quickly grabbing more and more market value in carpet retail. If you are looking for a beautiful carpet and do not mind a short carpet life, polyester may be the way to go.

Nylon is by far the most popular and in my personal opinion best carpet available. It's colorfast and has excellent memory. As long as it's vacuumed properly, it will automatically spring back to it's original shape once being stepped on. It doesn't mat very easily. 4th and 5th generation nylon include carpet protection to help shield spills and dirt. Make sure your carpet salesman gives you nylon and not olefin. For the untrained eyes it may be challenging the tell the difference. The way to be sure you are getting what you paid for simply take a small strand of carpet filaments and put them into a glass of water. If they sink you have nylon. If they float you have olefin.

So if you are a landlord buying carpet for a tenant or the home owner, but nylon. If you are a tenant only living in an area for a short period of time, buy polyester. If you never walk on your carpets, never eat or drink in the carpeted room, and can afford it buy wool. If the carpet is for a high traffic commercial area definitely buy olefin. Regardless what you decide to own be sure to vacuum as much as possible and have a professional carpet cleaner steam clean the carpets every six to twelve months. This will maximize the life of your new carpet and really compliment the beauty of the carpeted room.

There are a number of carpet cleaning companies, and all of them claim to be the best. In this article I will attempt to help identify the true professionals from the pretenders. Why might you ask should it matter? Aren’t they all the same? Nothing could be further from the truth. If you don’t do a small amount of homework you may have a technician show up at your house in hatchback with a Rugs Doctor and wearing a FBI (female body inspector) hat.

First, you should consider the method you will use to find a reputable cleaner. The best way to find a good cleaner is to ask family and friends. Good cleaners will take care of their customers because they know referrals can make or break their business. If you are new to an area and don’t have many friends or you have been ostracized, you can always call the local Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau. However, you have to realize these are organizations that have paid memberships. So, they are going to recommend members first, regardless of whether they think they are the best or not. Lastly, you can go to the yellow pages of the local phone directory. Scan the ads for companies that list the services offered and what makes them different from all the others. Stay away from companies that have a picture of their nice vans or their family. Usually, these companies have nothing that sets them apart from the competition.

After you have a couple of good referrals or five or six companies from other sources, you should start calling. You should be aware that many bigger companies have customer service reps that will answer your call live; however, many carpet cleaners are owner operators that have to do everything themselves. It may take them a couple of hours to get back to you. If you call a company and they answer “hello”, it may be a sign that they are not very professional. A cleaning company should answer with they name of the business and give you their name.

Now that you have a live person on the phone I will give you some questions to ask to narrow your search. Ask if the technician will be using a self-contained truck mount. If they say no they will be using a portable, move on to the next company. Almost all portables will not produce the heat or vacuum to properly clean your carpet. Next, ask if they price by the square foot or by the room. Square foot pricing is preferable, that way you only pay for the area cleaned. Room or area pricing is very popular, but you are charged for the entire room, even if you have furniture that can’t be moved. Also, there is usually a maximum size of a room to be considered an area. So, if your living room is 300 sq. ft. and the max is 250 sq. ft., you will be charged for two rooms. Also, a hall may be considered an area, even if it is 50 sq. ft. Next, ask if the owner will be performing the work. Owners generally take much more pride in their work. Having the owner there is a definite plus. Ask if they are a low-moisture cleaner. Low-moisture cleaners use significantly less water than traditional steam cleaning. They specialize in cleaning to the base of the fiber without getting the pad or subfloor wet. As a side note, steam cleaning is a misnomer. Most cleaning methods are hot water extraction, but steam cleaning gets its name from the steam coming off the floor as the super hot water is applied. They do not actually use steam. We recommend low-moisture cleaning because typical steam cleaning uses high pressure water to blow dirt off the fiber and try to suck it back out. The problem is that it blows the dirt into the backing were it is next to impossible to get it back out. Also, you want to ask if the price quoted includes items such as vacuuming, pre-spraying, and furniture moving. Most reputable companies can answer these questions with little trouble. If you get someone one the phone that hesitates or fumbles their words, then that could be a warning.

So again, seek referrals from trusted friends or neighbors to find a good cleaner in your area. If that fails, test the waters of the Chamber, BBB, or yellow pages. Most likely, not all cleaners will meet all the requirements mentioned above; however, you can create a score card and go with the cleaner that scores the highest, good luck.

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If you have dogs, you know how that unpleasant odor can stick to carpets. It´s not that you don´t love your dogs, you can love them and not the smell! Wet dog odors are particularly stubborn and tend to get right into carpet fibers. Then they release that nasty smell all the time and turn your home into a “dog” house.

Fortunately, you don´t have to live with that smell in your carpets. Carpet tends to pick up nasty odors far easier than any hard floor surface in your home, and it also stores them easier. With a hard surface, you can simply use a detergent that also eliminates odors, but with carpet, you´ll need to put in a bit more elbow grease.

Odor Prevention

The first thing to keep in mind is that prevention is far easier than fixing the problem after the fact. There are several ways to prevent dog odor from seeping into your carpets in the first place.

• Keep dogs away from carpeted rooms. Not always practical, but very effective.

• Vacuum regularly. This keeps odors from really settling.

• Deal with any mess (urine, feces or vomit) immediately and spot clean the area with a deodorizing detergent.

• Dry your dog completely with a towel after coming in from a bath or rain.

• Use a special fiber sealant on the carpet to help protect it from absorbing odors.

However, the absolute best way to avoid pet odors is to keep your dog odor free. Bathe your dog frequently and keep him nice and clean. This will definitely help, but to really deal with the problem, you´ll want to make sure that you actually remove the odors from your dog. There are shampoos formulated especially for pets that will help prevent bacterial growth that causes those unpleasant smells.

Removing Odors

Once you have the dog odor in your carpet, even some heavy duty vacuuming won´t help matters. You´ll need something a bit stronger to get the odors that are actually deep in the carpet fibers. These are the smells that are more difficult to remove.

For short pile carpets, baking soda might be the easiest solution. Simply sprinkle a heavy layer of baking soda over the entire carpet and let it sit for two or three hours. Overnight is even better. You can then vacuum it up. The baking soda will have absorbed the smells embedded in the carpet and by vacuuming it up, you get rid of them. However, some odors are so strong that they require more than one application.

If you aren´t up to waiting and sprinkling baking powder, it might be better to just rent a steam cleaner. This will suck the bad smells and dirt right out of the carpet. It´s also a good option for longer carpets where dirt and hair and dandruff tend to get trapped. The steam cleaner will get rid of just about everything and you´ll be amazed at how clean your floor is afterwards. While you have it, run the steam cleaner over your sofa, as well and get any lingering odors out of the upholstery, too.

Owning dogs doesn´t mean you have to put up with a house that stinks. Keeping your dogs clean and ensuring that any messes are immediately cleaned with a deodorizing cleaner will help keep those odors at bay. And, for the times when things do pile up, a steam cleaner or baking soda will get your house smelling fresh and clean again, without using any nasty chemicals on your carpets.

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