If you are having new carpet installed you are probably very excited. There is nothing quite like the feel of new carpet between your toes. There are however some things that you should be aware of after your carpet is installed. Read this article to learn about what to expect form your new carpet immediately after installation.

One thing that can happen with new carpet is shedding. With most carpets shedding is quite normal for a few months after you get it. There are loose fibers in the carpet that will work themselves loose. Just vacuum your carpet often to remove them. If you have purchased a staple fiber carpet however your carpet will always shed to some degree. This is because the fibers are gathered into loose tufts to provide a plusher feeling carpet. Another thing to expect form new carpet is odor. That new carpet smell is cause by the latex backing of the carpet and the new padding. It should go away as the latex fully cures over the next few month. Sprouting is yet another problem that can happen. This is when a carpet tuft sticks up above the others. To fix this simply cut the fiber at the surface of the carpet. Do not pull it out. One final problem I will talk about is pile reversal. Pile reversal occurs when the carpet fibers change directions. It can make a section look darker than others. This is a characteristic of pile carpet and is not a defect so unfortunately it is something you will have to live with.

I hope this article has been informative to you. Use it to prepare yourself for the possibilities of things that can occur after carpet installation. Good luck and enjoy your new carpet.

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