Do you have a home office? Chances are good that you do since you are reading this article. The home office has become a common thing with people beginning to work more and more from home. If you have a home office you should read this brief article which will give you some tips to keep your home office carpet clean and in good condition for years to come.

The first tip is to use a chair mat. Most home offices use rolling chairs. These rolling chairs will slowly wear down your carpet fibers as you move around. This will leave a permanent wear mark on your carpet that no amount of carpet cleaning will remove. Chair mats are a cheap investment in the health of your carpet. The next tip I have is to use caution with printer cartridges. This is one of the most common stains in a home office, toner. Be careful when changing cartridges and keep your printer up and away from your home carpet. Another tip is to vacuum your carpet often. This will remove the soil which will contribute to wear. This is especially important with office carpet since people in home offices are usually intensely using a relatively small space. My final tip is to have your computer tower up and off of the carpet. Never place it on the carpet. This is bad for your computer and the carpet. The computers fan will draw air through the carpet causing a black line to form around it. It will also have to work harder to do so causing it to not cool your computer efficiently.

I hope this article has been of assistance to you. Also remember to call your local carpet cleaner and have your homes carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Good luck.

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