If it is time to clean your carpet you have many choices. You can hire someone to clean it or you can clean it yourself or you can just replace it. Replacing it is probably not in your budget and professional carpet cleaners can be expensive as well. If you would like to save money but not have a mushy mess you should consider dry cleaning it yourself. Keep reading and learn how.

The first thing that you need to do is rent the equipment. The equipment that you will be renting is called the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning system. It is available at many vacuum supply stores and home improvement stores. Just look in your phone book under "carpet cleaning rental." When you go to pick up the equipment you will also need to purchase a bottle of pre-spray and a box of cleaning powder. Go pick up your supplies and bring them home.

Once you get the equipment home you will begin by thoroughly vacuuming your carpet. Take you time and do a good job so as to remove as much dry soil as possible. After you have vacuumed you will take your bottle of pre-spray and mist it over the difficult traffic areas. Next sprinkle the powdered cleaner over a ten foot by ten foot area and place the machine on the carpet. The machine will have two counter rotating brushes and you will use it to agitate the powder. Run first in one direction and then turn the machine ninety degrees and agitate the other direction. When you are finished leave the powder on the ground and move on to the next section. After you have completed all of the carpet and the powder is completely dry you will vacuum it up using your home vacuum cleaner and that is it. You are done and the carpet is dry and ready to use.

Dry cleaning, as you can see is a rather easy method of home carpet cleaning for the do it yourselfer. It does have its limitations however and if your carpet is heavily soiled you will want to call a professional cleaner.

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