Cleaning carpet stains can sometimes be a very daunting task. That’s because when a stain first happens, your first reaction is to pour every chemical on it that you have in your house to try to get it out. However, this can actually be counterproductive. You want to be careful what you apply to your carpet as different types of carpets have different carpet cleaning needs.

Cleaning carpet stains doesn’t have to be difficult, however. For simple stains, such as dirt, you can usually get the stain out with a good soap based cleaner. However, if the stain is stronger than that, say, pet stains, ketchup or ink, you may have to look to a professional.

Seek A Professional’s Help

A professional will usually steam clean your carpet. Steam cleaning carpet stains breaks the stain up by using very hot water and steam. The drawback to cleaning carpet stains this way is that it leaves your carpet wet afterwards. This usually means that you can’t walk on it for some time. Also, you run the risk of getting a mildew smell in your carpet if your house isn’t the correct temperature. Steam cleaning carpet stains can get those stains out and make your carpet look at least better than it did before.

You can also try cleaning carpet stains using chemical dry carpet cleaning. This method uses certain chemicals, usually packed with certain enzymes, that break the stain up without having to get the carpet wet. The drawback to this method is that you can ruin your carpet if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s best, if you’re going to use this method, to find the help of a professional so that you don’t do permanent damage to your carpet.

Cleaning carpet stains doesn’t have to be an activity that causes a lot of anxiety. It all depends on what kind of stain you have. Any stain, be it pet stains or ink stains, can be removed. The trick is to apply whatever method you choose as soon as you can so that the substance doesn’t have time to reach the padding underneath, which is the reason most stains become permanent.

Don’t worry if something hits your carpet, there’s a method out there that will get that stain out so that you don’t have to find a new piece of furniture to go over it to cover it up. You can keep your carpet looking great for as long as you have it.

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Extremely effective and professional home carpet cleaning machines are available these days, and there is simply no need to drag that old dust blower around any longer! There is a diverse range of home carpet cleaning machines and there is typically a wide range of vacuum cleaners on the market. Its best when selecting one, you ensure it has all the features to cover your needs, such as the canister style and the upright version so you never have to bend down. Or perhaps you prefer the handheld style: a feature which is highly practical for corners and small areas, and the size of the vacuum can be an important factor of accessibility and in how you can move it around physically.

Choosing Wisely

While a vacuum sucks in the dirt, dust etc there is also the commercial version of carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning services are available at many competitive rates, and can help with deep down dirt build up, stains, dust mites and dog hair that you everyday vacuum doesn't pick up. Generally people get there home professionally cleaned once or twice a year. There is many natural cleaning products used in a lot of the professional deep carpet cleaning services, so if you are concerned about chemicals in your home, you should choose one of these, such as the companies who use citrus based detergents.

Steam cleaners are yet another popular type of carpet cleaning machines. These machines allow home owners to have some of the deeper cleaning affects that professional carpet cleaners make use of without paying the professional carpet cleaning price. You can also use these handy machines in order to clean sofas and other upholstered furniture.

Some good advice is to consider the size of the floor space that you are generally taking care of: if it is a small home, it may not be economically practical to purchase the steam carpet cleaner, so you would be better off using the professional carpet cleaners when needed, and you own vacuum the rest of the time.

It's important to consider purchasing a high quality vacuum cleaner for the every day cleaning of you floors. The better the quality and features, the more costly but the BETTER FOR YOUR HEALTH! Absorbing the dust and maintaining a clean, healthy environment means you are less likely to need the professional carpet deep clean as often, and you must be sure your vacuum isn't expelling dust back into the air, causing more problems. The new bag-less varieties are great at preventing this, and are best for people who have a dust allergy.

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Which is the most important of my carpet care tips? You'll find it at the top of the list below. Use the five other tips as well, and you'll get years more use from your carpet.

Top Carpet Care Tips

1. Keep your carpet clean. Sand and dirt act like thousands of little razor blades that cut carpet fibers. Damaged carpet stains more easily, and it's harder to remove the stains from it as well. Vacuum often to remove dirt, and your carpet will last longer.

2. Use rugs. Put rugs outside and inside the front door, and any other entrances. They can catch much of the dirt that people bring in on their feet. That means less vacuuming and longer carpet life.

3. Remove shoes. This is a sure way to make carpet last longer. If you have a nice home with nice carpet, people usually aren't offended by this policy.

4. Clean stains quickly and properly. If using a cleaning solvent other than water, apply it to a cloth first, and work it in from the outside of the stain to the center, so you don't spread the spot. Apply the cleaner, extract (blot), rinse, extract, and repeat until you can't get more of the stain out. Extract solvents completely, and dry the carpet quickly when you're done. If there is any stain remaining deeper down in the carpet, quick drying prevents it from wicking up to the surface.

5. Use a shop-vac. It's a great help when cleaning stains. You can't just suck out the stain, but you can repeatedly wash and rinse the area, and suck the solution out each time. It's more effective than blotting up the water with cloth, mostly because you won't have the patience to wash, rinse and extract enough times if you're using paper towels or cloth.

6. Vacuum before cleaning. If you use a portable machine, at least get the water as hot as you can, and dry the carpet quickly, using fans to move the air around. You won't match the results of a good truck-mount hot water extraction unit. However, if you want to save money, doing your own cleaning can lengthen the time between expensive professional cleanings.

Want carpet clean enough for the kids to play on? Do you want it to last for years longer than normal? Just use these basic carpet care tips.

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There are several things that you can do to keep your carpet upholstery looking brand new. Prices are going up and it is just not cost effective to replace your carpet upholstery every year, so you need to take care of it.

There are several things that you can do to prevent wear and tear. Some of them are practical and some are not. In the case of the carpet upholstery on furniture, such as a couch, it is always good to spray a stain resistant product on it. In doing that, if someone spills on your carpet upholstery it will not stain. Another method, however not very practical, is putting plastic. Most people in this day in age do not do that. You will however, find the occasional person, usually elderly, who will do that. There is a type of plastic carpet upholstery that people will actually walk on it. It is a rubber-type mat with spikes on the bottom to hold in onto the carpet. This is best for high traffic areas such as down hallways or stairways.

It is good to clean your carpet upholstery regularly even if it does not have stains on it. It will keep your carpet upholstery looking new and smelling fresh. You may not notice that your carpet upholstery is looking dingy until you move something, such as furniture, and see the difference in the carpet. Using a steam cleaner is a good idea. It is made for a floor, and also has attachments for cleaning carpet upholstery on furniture. If something spilled on your carpet upholstery, it is wise to immediately spray carpet cleaner on it. You should let the cleaner soak for several minutes before cleaning the spot. This just gives the stain more time to dissolve. If there is a considerable amount of water on the floor, cause by a leak for example, it may be necessary to remove your carpet upholstery. There is usually a mat between the floor and the carpet and if that is wet, it can cause mold to grow.

If you do the things listed in this article, your carpet upholstery should look nice for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about ways to keep your carpet upholstery looks new and clean, you can visit our site at for more information.

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If you want to keep your carpet in good shape you need to address issues as they happen. Sometimes your carpet does become physically damaged. This article will show you how to deal with some common carpet problems so keep reading.

One common carpet problem is a pulled loop in Berber carpet. This needs to be fixed or the pulled loop will spread all the way across the carpet. To fix it you have two options. You can either snip the loop off which will leave a visible gap in the carpet or you could try to put the loop back in the carpet. If you decide to cut it off just get a good pair of scissors and snip. If you want to fix the loop you will need a glue gun. Run a bead of glue in the gap being careful not to get any on the carpet. Now you will weave the loop back into the carpet using a dull knife or some other pointy instrument. That is all it takes, You have now fixed your pulled loop.

Another common problem of carpet is a burnt spot from a cigarette burns. To repair this you will need to snip the tops of the damaged tuft off. It will leave a low spot which is still somewhat noticeable but will look much better than a burn. The easiest way to cut the carpet tuft is to get a pair of nail clippers and snip off the top of the fiber. Be careful not to cut off too much of the fiber.

The last problem I will address is a loose step. This is a dangerous problem because it can cause a trip hazard. To repair a loose carpet on a step you will need a heavy duty stapler. Pull the carpet as tight as you can and put a few staples in the carpet to secure it. you now have a secure step and no more trip hazard.

Hopefully this article has been of use to you. If you have further problems that are not addressed in this article consult your local carpet cleaning company.

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The dry foam procedure is called dry because the content of moisture is very low – 90 percent air and 10 percent liquid. The dry foam machine has a pressure tank. In this tank you will pour a solution of water and shampoo.

The solution is converted into foam by compressor. Using a revolving cylindrical brush, foam is dispensed all over the carpet. The brush will comb the foam through the piles of the carpet so that every fiber of the carpet is cleaned.

To get the best result, the bubbles being produced must be of uniformed size so the foam can finish the cleaning process before it is dispersed. Once the carpet has dried, it is methodically vacuumed to remove the dried crystals of dirt.

The dry foam procedure:

1. To begin with, vacuum the carpet and remove all the stains.

2. Prepare the dry foam solution as indicated by the manufacturer.

3. Shampoo the carpet; once it has dried, vacuum the carpet.

4. Groom the pile to speed the drying process.

5. Use a furniture leg pad to eliminate furniture stains or rust.

Advantages - The process of dry foam cleaning covers a lot of area in a short amount of time. You cannot over saturate the carpet simply because the moisture content is very low.

Disadvantages - The dry foam procedure can remove average levels of soil. However, there is a possibility of excessive residue and soil build up if the machine has inadequate extraction capabilities.

Dry foam is the perfect procedure if you have older carpet. You can rent a machine if you do not think you will use it enough to buy it.

Protect your carpet against paint drips, snow, mud, dirt, stains, and heavy traffic conditions. Read about plastic carpet protections as well as temporary carpet protections.

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When it comes time to give your carpet a deep cleaning, you may be unsure of what the best method of cleaning will be. Whether you decide to rent a cleaner and do the job yourself, or hire a professional to handle the job for you, you will probably be overwhelmed by the choices involving types of cleaners and cleaning solutions. One option that you can consider is using a dry carpet cleaner to give a spit and polish to your carpeted floors. Dry carpet cleaners use a method of carpet cleaning that does not require water or liquid-based detergent or cleaning agents. Since using water on your carpets can be risky, and too much water can be damaging, dry carpet cleaners eliminate the concern over allowing your carpet to get too wet so that it cannot dry quickly enough to save it from water damage. Dry carpet cleaning is often the method of choice to use on particularly fine carpet fibers.

How A Dry Carpet Cleaner Works

Dry carpet cleaning involves the use of a powder-based cleaning agent. The cleaning agent is usually sprinkled across the carpeting and left to set for a half hour or more. You can also find dry carpet cleaners that can be sprayed onto your carpet. The cleaner is usually spread evenly about the carpet with a brush before leaving it to set. The dry carpet cleaners will attract the dirt from your carpet and bring it to the surface, so that you can simply vacuum the dirt away after the solvent has set for the recommended period of time.

There is a preparation process involved before using a dry carpet cleaner. First, as with any type of carpet cleaner, the floor should be vacuumed free of dirt and debris before starting. This is especially important with dry carpet cleaners, since the chemicals in the cleaner may dissolve any solid objects on the floor into your carpet, creating an even bigger mess for you to clean up. The carpet also needs to be completely dry before beginning, so if you have any wet spills to grapple with, blot them dry first with a clean cloth, and then let your carpet dry out – overnight if at all possible. It is also a good idea to spot clean any stains on your carpet the night before to ensure the best results.

As with any type of cleaning process, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions for your carpet before using any type of cleaner. You can also test spot on a small piece of carpet that is hidden to ensure that the dry carpet cleaner chemicals will not lighten the color of your carpet.

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Carpet cleaning has a number of important steps that should be followed. You need to apply a prespray and allow it to dwell, you need to extract it with a neutralizing rinse and you need to post groom it among other things. One step that is often overlooked is dry soil removal. Read this article and learn about the importance of dry soil removal.

Dry soil removal is perhaps the most important step in the carpet cleaning process. It is estimated that almost eighty percent of the soil in a carpet is dry soil. This soil can easily be removed when it is in the dry state by performing a thorough vacuuming. But what happens if you skip this step and move straight to pre spraying the carpet like so many carpet cleaners do. What happens is this dry soil gets wet and turns into a sticky mud. It is much harder to clean mud out of a carpet than dry soil. So when you skip the vacuuming you make the job of cleaning the carpet much much harder and the results will suffer. So instead of skipping it be sure to do a thorough vacuuming. By thorough I mean that you must use a quality vacuum and vacuum the carpet in several different directions. Do not rush through the process. Take your time and move slowly. Remember that the vacuum is most effective on the backward stroke so be sure to expose all of the carpet to the back stroke instead of using the traditional and ineffective W pattern.

Carpet cleaning is simple if you just follow all of the proper steps. So if you are a carpet cleaner be sure and pre vacuum and if you are having your carpets professionally cleaned be sure that they vacuum or do it yourself before hand.

Find tips and information on Denton carpet cleaners and cleaning at the writers website on local carpet cleaning.

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Fitting A Carpet

Carpeting is very important as it affects the look and feel of your home. Homes that have carpets as flooring give warmth and vibrancy as well as an aesthetic appeal. The choice of carpet is enormous, with a wide range of colours, materials, designs and textures to choose from. This choice of designs can transform your home and give you an opportunity to make every room unique. Carpets aren't cheap; with this in mind you need to have carpets that will last a long time so it's vitally important that you select the best one for the job and have it fitted correctly the first time.

Once you have chosen the carpet designs that fit your needs, you'll need to have them fitted. Professional carpet fitters may be the course you decide upon and is the correct decision to take in some cases. However you can of course fit them yourself. Doing it yourself is obviously the cheaper option, but it isn't recommended if you don't have the right tools or experience. Carpet fitting isn't as easy as it appears.

The best way to ensure professional fitting of your carpets is to purchase from an authorized carpet retailer or dealer. Generally speaking, the carpet retailer will employ a fitting staff that is very experienced in fitting carpets and should do a very good job for you.

If the retailer doesn't offer a fitting service, they will no doubt know of a reputable and experienced carpet fitter. Although using the retailers fitting service can be a bit more expensive, it offers several advantages. Their experience and expertise will show in the finished look and you will be better off in the long run. You also have the peace of mind that comes with the backup that you will get from them if you aren't happy with any aspect of the fitting.

On the other hand, if you are looking for lower budget carpet fitting services, then there is the option of hiring independent architects, builders, contractors, or interior designers. If you go this route, you should never forget to see their references, inquire about their experience, ask about where they received their training, and see any certification they may have.

It is also a good idea to visit the homes of others that the fitter has worked on in the past, as this will give you an idea of the quality of their work before hiring them. If this isn't possible, then you should at least ask to see some photos of their work.

You must remember that although private contractors may offer a lower price for carpet fitting than your retailer’s service, after service in many cases can be poor. If problems are encountered, you'll probably find that your options are very limited. If you do choose an independent carpet fitter, you should always insist that the fitter carry out the work to the standard for installation of residential carpets CRI 105.

Your choice of carpet fitter will entirely depend upon your specific needs. If you expect to change your carpet every few years, then you will probably be better off to choose an independent carpet fitter. If you want your carpets to last for a long time, then you should ask for a follow up from your retailer, as this will ensure that you have a stress free experience with the fitting.

No matter whom you choose, make sure that you carpets are power stretched prior to fitting. This is very important in that it ensures that wrinkling and rippling are minimized. And don't forget to carefully measure your rooms before fitting and thoroughly clean the sub floor.

To avoid dust it is a good idea to vacuum the old carpet before it is removed. Once the new carpet is laid, all the edges should be trimmed and sealed with hardwood. Once the fitting is complete, inspect the carpets to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction, and that you are happy before finishing the deal.

Always remember that no matter how expensive or luxurious your carpets may be, it is the fitting process that makes all the difference to the look of your home. Therefore, it always pays off to spend time, money, and effort when choosing the right fitter for your carpets.

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Carpet spot cleaners are very popular. You will find a great variety to choose from at a grocery store. Can they harm your carpet? The answer to this is yes, they can. Continue reading to learn how spotters can damage your carpet and how to prevent the damage.

One way spotters can harm your carpet is by being too strong. A cleaner that is too strong can strip the protector off of the carpet or it could even react with it causing your carpet to irreversibly change color. To make sure that the cleaner is not too strong you should do two things. Make sure that the spotter says that it is safe for stain resistant carpet. This means that it has a PH less than 10 and is generally safe. Also test the spotter in an inconspicuous area like a closet for color loss or color change.

The second way that spotters damage a carpet is by leaving a soil attracting residue. You must neutralize this residue. After using the cleaner you should neutralize the cleaner with a mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. Mix a solution of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water and pour it into a hand sprayer. Mist it onto any spot that you have used the carpet spotter on. This will neutralize the spotter and keep it from leaving a sticky residue behind to attract soil.

As you can see carpet spotters can be dangerous. They are however very necessary at times. By being careful about the spotter you choose and by taking a little extra caution you can prevent damage to your carpet.

Carpet cleaning tips can be found at the authors website about Philadelphia carpet and upholstery care. Learn about our local carpet cleaner in Philly.

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You spent a lot of money for your carpeting. It makes perfect sense to take care of it. These days everything seems to be getting better and better… your carpet cleaning chemical is no different.

There are many carpet cleaning chemicals available on the market today, and the correct choice depends on the job you need done. Carpet cleaning chemicals can be loosely divided into four categories, according to their function: cleaning, controlling or counteracting odors, protecting and sealing, and those chemicals designed for special tasks.

Examples are myriad. Here are a few:

Carpet cleaning chemicals for extracting soil are only the most obvious. There's a pre-spray chemical, a carpet spot and stain remover chemical, a dry cleaning solvent and spot remover, the ubiquitous absorbent powder extraction chemical, and even a neutralizer to put everything back the way it was… only better.

Odor control carpet cleaning chemicals, as can be expected, work to neutralize or rid the carpet of odors, usually created by pets. Many have a subtle citrus fragrance.

The field of carpet protectants and sealing is perhaps where the new carpet chemicals really shine. Some are dry and some spray on, all are considered state-of-the-art necessities to protect the look and life of your carpet.

A good example of the specialty items category is the chemical used in professional extraction machines to cut down on the production of foam.

Choosing from the cornucopia of carpet cleaning chemical products can be daunting. But taking the time to research the right choices for your particular situation will be rewarding.

The experts recommend you set up a regular carpet cleaning program. Vacuum daily, they say, dry carpet clean once a week, and use a heavy-duty deep steam (or vapor) carpet extracting machine as often as necessary to keep your carpeting bright, beautiful and healthy.

Jodie Phillips is a successful Webmaster and publisher of and she provides more carpet cleaning facts, tips and advice on choosing the right carpet cleaning chemical on her website, where you can research in the comfort of your own home.

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If you are having your carpet replaced you probably want it to go as smoothly as possible. If so you should read this article on things to do to get ready for carpet replacement. It can make the difference between a smooth install and a real nightmare.

The first thing that you want to be sure to do is remove all of the breakables and electronics from your furniture. This includes, lamps, collectibles, dishes, televisions, stereos, computers, etc. Move everything the night before so you are ready. The next thing you need to do is find out who is going to remove your used carpet and pad. Most installers will do that for you but some might not. Check with your carpet installer in advance to determine who is responsible. If you are supposed to take care of it you should check with your city for guidelines on what you need to do for them to pick it up. Another thing you should to to prep for carpet replacement is vacuum your old carpet. This might not make sense to you but the reason you want to do this is to minimize the mess that is spread around your house when they rip this old carpet up. The last thing I will talk about that you want to do before the carpet installer arrives is to do any touch up painting or home improvement projects,. Why take the chance of messing up the new carpet. Take care of these things in advance of their arrival. Try to do any painting jobs a few days before the installation to allow for sufficient drying time.

That is all there is to do to make sure you have a smooth carpet install. For more information call your installer and find out what they would like you to do. They will be happy to tell you and you will both be assured a smooth installation job.

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