When looking for new carpet for your home there are many things to think about. The first thing that you want to do is establish a budget. Deciding how much you plan to spend is a personal matter, but don't skimp when making your carpeting selection. The more you choose to invest, the more satisfied you will be. Your new carpet will stay new looking longer.

Always consider how the room will be used before decorating it. I see so many people who do not take this into consideration, they purchase carpet that they find eye-catching and never consider its practicality. It may be wise to purchase a more durable carpet for high-traffic areas of the home. That is unless you are willing to go through all the trouble and expense of having it replaced way before its time.

The best carpet for high traffic areas is a loop. The carpet is more durable when the loop is smaller. Now you may not want this type of style for your carpet, but it is important to at least find a happy medium between style and practicality.

The third thing to keep in mind is the color. Many people use light or even white carpet that doesn't stay looking new too long. The paler shades are quite good looking and have the effect of making a room seem bigger, however in the majority of cases they're impractical. If you're going to have white carpeting, you better be ready to ask visitors to take off their shoes at the door.

When choosing new carpeting, it is always a good idea to consider how easy it may be to clean. You want to purchase something that can be easily maintained. Maintenance is very important so consider using nylon and staying away from your olefins and wool.

Don't get your hopes up just because it comes with a warranty. Carpet warranties do not always live up to their reputation. Warranties are, for the most part, worthless--never let a carpet salesman sell you carpeting based on this alone.

Carpets are made from many different materials. In addition, along with style and color, your carpet's fiber content needs to be kept in mind. The following are some types of fabrics carpets are made from.

1. The fabric most often used to make carpet is nylon. There is a simple explanation for this; it's the carpet fabric with the highest durability and also comes in a vast array of colors and styles. Nylon is also easy to clean.

2. Olefin - is another very durable fiber. The problem with olefin is that it is not easy to keep clean. Olefin only comes in a limited amount of styles and is not nearly as soft as nylon.

3. Polyester - is also a very popular carpet fiber. The main problem with polyester is that it does not wear well. The carpet will quickly flatten down and stay that way although it looks great at first.

4. One of the most luxurious fabrics in top of the line carpeting is wool. Wool is one of the most resilient fabrics and is problematic as it is difficult to clean and more costly than other carpet fibers.

There are many aspects to weigh when purchasing new carpet. You want to find the right carpet that not only looks nice, but also goes along with your lifestyle. Be absolutely certain what you want so a salesman can't persuade you. Carpeting is a major purchase and should be chosen carefully.


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