There are many different myths about carpet cleaning circulating. Some are a little wrong and some are completely wrong. Read this article and learn about some of the carpet cleaning myths that are out there and why they are not true.

The first myth is that carpet should never be cleaned. This is just not true. Carpet will last much longer if it is cleaned and the carpet mills actually recommend annual cleanings. The only people who benefit from this myth is the carpet salesman who gets to sell more carpet when the old one wears out prematurely.

Another myth about carpet cleaning is that it is dangerous. This is just not true. Once upon a time there was thought to be a relationship between carpet cleaning and Kawasaki Syndrome but the relationship was never proven. Coincidentally many of the outbreaks occurred in houses that had carpet cleaning recently. That hardly points to carpet cleaning as the cause.

The last myth I will talk about is that carpet cleaning causes carpets to get dirty quicker. This is not true nowadays but may have been true in the past. Today carpet cleaners are able to thoroughly rinse your carpet to remove all of the soil attracting residue. Many cleaners also use chemicals today that do not leave a residue and contain no soap or detergents. So carpets do not get dirty faster after cleaning.

You can see from this article that three of the most common myths about carpet cleaning are completely untrue. If you have any concerns or questions about other carpet cleaning myths you should consult your local carpet cleaning company.

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