There are a wide variety of cheap carpet tiles available on the market. Home and business users will likely be surprised by the wide variety of tiles available today. The carpet tile market has come a long way since it was first created. No longer are we restricted to the cheap and ugly looking tiles of the past. The various carpet square types can basically be divided into the following groups: Cut and loop, flatweave, hooked rug, knotted pile, needfelt, Saxony, textured Saxony, tufted, and woven. Colors and patterns for this flooring style are limitless. You can find everything from solid color schemes, variegated colors, striped patters and many more. Some manufacturers even offer customized designs on the tiles - so if you ever wanted to commemorate your favorite sports team, carpet tiles might just be the way to go.

The price range of these modular carpets can vary greatly depending on your exact parameters. Although you can spend a tremendous amount of money getting top of the line tiles in your home, modular carpets do not have to break your bank account. These carpets are one of the most economical choices the average person has available to them when making their flooring decision. Cheap carpet tiles can easily be found in the $1 and under price range.

Oftentimes people find that there is very little cost saving from a square foot perspective when they begin pricing modular carpets and compare them to traditional carpets. The benefits of using carpet squares instead of conventional wall-to-wall carpet go beyond a simple price per square foot comparison. When the installation price is factored into the equation modular carpets will often come out the clear winner. This is because the installation of carpet tiles is so much simpler than installing regular carpet. Traditional carpet installs is a laborious task. The simple act of hauling around large rolls of carpet is difficult enough. The installation of carpet rolls can be an all day task and is something the average person should not attempt to do themselves.

Modular carpet on the other hand is very easy to install. It is not a complex process. In fact there are no specialized tools required for the installation. Because the carpet comes in easy to manage tiles, transportation and movement of the carpeting is very easy. The most common tile size is roughly 18 inches square. One of the nicest attributes of modular carpets is that they can be placed over virtually any hard surface with no additional prep work. The tiles can be laid right over common floor surfaces like concrete, plywood and stone. The carpet tiles have an adhesive back so there is no gluing, stapling or nailing required for the installation to be successful. As long as you have a ruler to keep the tiles straight and scissors or a sharp knife to do any necessary trimming, you basically have all the required tools for the installation. Because installation is so easy the installation fee should be less than what is charged for a conventional carpet roll. The difference in installation costs can make a dramatic difference in the final cost of the carpet.

Of course the installation of this carpet is so easy that a professional installer is hardly necessary. If you are the type of person that likes to do projects around the home yourself, installation of carpet tiles is one job you should be able to accomplish relatively easily. If you choose to do the installation yourself just make sure that you have cleaned the surface that the tiles will be placed on, this will make sure that nothing interferes with the adhesion of the glue. Doing self installs of modular carpets are an excellent way to make cheap carpet tiles even cheaper.

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Olefin carpet is a very popular choice for home owners. But is it really a good choice for your home? Read this article to learn a little about the advantages and the disadvantages of Olefin carpets.

Olefin carpet is and probably always will be a popular choice in carpeting. You might also see it advertised as polypropylene. So why is it popular and is it the right choice for your home? Well that depends on what you are looking for. Here are some of the advantages of Olefin. The biggest advantage of Olefin is that it is very affordable. It is one of the lowest cost carpets out there which makes it a great choice if you need to save some money as carpet can get very expensive very quickly. Another advantage of Olefin is that it resists staining. Because it is solution dyed and absorbs almost no moisture it is very resistant to staining making it excellent for homes with kids. The final advantage is that it can not be bleached and will not fade from sunlight. This is because the dye runs all the way through the fiber.

Olefin does however have many disadvantages. For starters it has a strong affinity towards oil. This often results in dark traffic areas that are hard to clean. Another disadvantage is that it is a soft fiber making it crush and mat easily. This results in a carpet that unfortunately can wear out quickly. The final disadvantage is that it has a low melting point. This might not sound like too bad of a thing but Olefin carpet can be melted from friction caused from something as little as sliding a piece of furniture across the carpet.

As you can see, there are many pluses and minuses for Olefin or Polypropylene carpeting. If you just need a basic carpet at a great price for your home or rental property it might be the carpet for you though.

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Carpet is subject to a number of different hazards that cause a number of different problems. One problem that you might have is black lines on the carpet. They normally appear along the edges of walls and under doors that are closed all the time. So what are they and how can they be removed? Read on and learn more about these black lines.

The black lines that forma round walls and under doors are called filtration lines. They are actually very common but are noticed more by people who have light colored carpeting. They are cause from your homes heating and air conditioning system. What happens is the air system forces air into the room. This cause a build up of air pressure. To equalize this air pressure the air travels underneath interior walls and under doors. The carpet along that area then acts like an air filter trapping fine particles of dust and soot. This dust and soot can be nearly impossible to remove but can often be approved. If you have a problem with these lines you want to be careful not to use a spot cleaner that leaves a residue. If you do, the lines are sure to return larger and darker. Use a non residual spotter or even better, call your local carpet cleaner to take care of the lines. Do not expect miracles however. The best way to handle filtration lines is to prevent them. Try to keep doors open to allow for the smooth flow of air. Vacuum your floor often and change your air filter regularly to alow it to efficiently pull dust and soot from the air before it reaches the carpet. If you ever have your carpet replaced you can go one step further. Run a bead of caulk along the edge of the wall after the carpet has been removed. This will keep the air from traveling under the walls and should solve the problem completely.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do with filtration lines once they have occurred. They can be improved but rarely completely removed. The best cure for them like many other things is prevention.

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Should you use shampoo or steam? The problem with carpet cleaning does not only revolve around the different stains, dust and dirt that could be lingering in your carpet. You also need to think about the method of carpet cleaning: should you use shampoo or steam? Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Understanding them will help you to come up with the right decision.

Why Use Liquid Shampoo

This is one of the most common methods of carpet cleaning, also considered to be the oldest. The materials used are very simple, so any carpet user can utilize this method. You only need to have carpet brushes and a foamy solution, which you need to get from the manufacturer. This is because you cannot just formulate your own or clean the carpet with some random cleaning solution.

Professional carpet cleaners follow this process: It begins with adding the shampoo into the carpets. The brush will be used to cover the shampoo to the area that needs to be cleaned. The foam will then be allowed to stay on top of the carpet for a while until it can absorb any ground-in dirt. It can be between 2 hours to even a day, depending on the severity of the dirt. When the shampoo has already dried, you can already suction it with your vacuum cleaner.

One of the benefits of using shampoo is that it works well with heavily soiled carpets and can bring back the vibrance of the carpet colors. It also does not destroy the fluffiness of the carpet pile, and is not expensive. Carpet cleaners know that shampooing is one of the most basic techniques in carpet cleaning.

There are, however, two potential issues with shampoo carpet cleaning. First, it leaves residues to the carpet, making the process messier. Moreover, it will encourage buildup into the carpet, which means it gets dirty again quickly.

Why Use Steam Cleaning

A better approach to carpet cleaning will be using steam. It uses more complicated equipment, such as a special type of vacuum cleaner. It can also be quite costly. Nevertheless, when you get to know their benefits, you would be more encouraged to use it. The best carpet cleaners always recommend the steam cleaning method.

As its name suggests, you clean the carpet using steam. The water is heated to a certain temperature, and the steam will then be released onto the surface of the carpet. Expert New York carpet cleaners can estimate the duration of steaming. With its hotness, it will be able to lift ground-in dirt into the carpet. The heat loosens accumulated dirt, dust and scum. Then it becomes a lot easier for you to remove them through vacuuming.

Steam cleaning is the ideal carpet cleaning solution. With steam cleaning, all you need is water. Thus, there is no need to invest in other cleaning products. What’s more, steam can get into the deeper portions of the carpet fiber, where the soil and dust could be found. This is something that cannot be accomplished by mere shampooing. Within 15 minutes, you are already done with the entire carpet cleaning procedure, and you do not leave any residue into the carpet, as those drops of water can evaporate immediately.

The only problem with steam cleaning is that it will not effectively work with carpets that are heavily soiled or those that are exposed to extremely high traffic.

Working with Carpet Cleaning Companies

You can avail of a carpet cleaner service to ensure that you can employ the right kind of cleaning method. You can also expect these carpet cleaners to have the best equipment needed to get their job done, so you will not have to hassle yourself with procuring them yourself. Most of all, the best carpet cleaners will have the expertise to perform both shampoo and steam carpet cleaning. They can also offer you the soundest advice.

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So you need to have your carpet cleaned but you are afraid to have it done. Why? Because you think that it will just get dirty quicker. This is a legitimate concern but one that can be avoided. Read this article and learn how to get a clean carpet without the threat of rapid resoiling.

First you need to know what causes rapid resoiling. It is caused by a sticky residue being left on the carpet. This residue is normally from carpet cleaning detergents and shampoos that have not been thoroughly rinsed. So to prevent rapid resoiling you need to prevent leaving behind this residue. If you plan on hiring a carpet cleaner you can do this by making sure that they use a good fresh water or acid rinse to rinse your carpeting. Most carpet cleaners will use some sort of detergent or shampoo in their pre-spray. This is not a problem as long as they rinse it out with plain water or the acid rinse. Just make sure that they do not use a detergent rinse which some cleaners use to make cleaning easier on them. If you want to go one step further you can find a cleaner who uses soap free carpet cleaners. They are out there and with them you do not have the chance of residue. This may not be an option for you if you have heavily soiled carpets however as this might require the use of detergents. If you plan on cleaning the carpet yourself you should plan on making extra passes over the carpet with plain water to try and rinse out as much residue as possible. Make some extra dry passes as well. It might take much longer but it will also stay cleaner much longer.

As you can see, it is possible to have clean carpets that do not resoil quickly. Just be sure to take the time to hire the right cleaner or take the time to do the job right yourself.

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We will start with a bit of facts on some possibly hazardous carpet cleaning chemicals. Butyl has been proven to cause emphysema and trigger asthma attacks. Any carpet cleaning technician will attest to this after completing a large order and being unable to take deep breaths. Chlorine can cause cancer, liver damage and chronic bronchitis. Limonene may cause burns and eye agitation. This list goes on and on.

Organic cleaning manufacturers have removed these hazardous cleaning chemicals and have replaced them with natural, nontoxic, non carcinogenic ingredients. Truthfully, they DO NOT clean as well as traditional carpet cleaning chemicals but any spot, spill or stain can be removed using other cleaning methods. TACT is a term used among IICRC certified carpet cleaning technicians which describes the ingredients to a successful carpet cleaning. TACT stands for Temperature, Agitation, Chemical, and Time. Although your organic cleaners may not be as effective, you do have three other ingredients for a successful carpet cleaning.

Temperature - tell your carpet cleaning technician to turn up the steam on the cleaning van to above boiling (+212 degrees Fahrenheit).

Agitation - put some elbow grease into it.

Time - let your organic cleaners dwell into the carpet for a longer period (possibly over 20-30 minutes).

So there you have it; a concrete strategy to clean your carpet without worrying about bringing hazardous chemicals into your home. You will not feel guilty about putting your children at risk and you will have beautiful, crisp, clean carpets. Let's face it, our world is going green. It is healthier for people, pets and the environment. And yes, organic carpet cleaning is safest for our most precious, our children.

If you are looking at replacing the carpet in your home you have many choices from which to choose. You can go with a frieze, a standard cut pile or even a low shag (which is becoming popular again). One other popular choice these days however is Berber carpet. But is it right for you and your home? Read this article for some information that will hopefully help you decide whether or not to buy it.

Berber carpet has many pluses and many negatives. One plus is that it does not show foot prints or vacuum marks. Some people can not stand this and the Berber , being a stiffer carpet, does not show the marks. This makes it a great carpet for someone who wants uniformity or a more formal appearance to the room. Another advantage of Berber carpet, if you buy a nylon or wool one, is that it is a very durable carpet. Because of the loop design it resists crushing and matting. This means that you are less likely to get matted down traffic areas. One final advantage of Berber is that it resists soiling and the speckled ones even do a good job of hiding soil. The loop is hard for soil to get through and most of it will rest on the surface where it can be easily vacuumed.

Now for the negatives. One negative of Berber is that it is stiff so if you are looking for the most comfortable carpet you should look elsewhere. Some Berbers are almost as hard as wood floors. Another disadvantage of Berber is that with the looped construction if you get a run or pulled up loop it can quickly spread across the entire carpet. It is also a tough carpet to install so if you choose Berber be careful and choose a good installer. The seams are difficult to match closely making it hard to get a good installation unless the installer has a lot of experience. The last negative about Berber is that it can be hard to clean for carpet cleaners. Some even charge more. With steam cleaning in particular the cleaning wand likes to skip over the surface making it hard to extract.

I hope this article has given you something to think about. Think about what you are looking for in a carpet and see if Berber matches those needs before you buy it. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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If you are ready to have your homes carpeting cleaned you might have called around for cleaning estimates already. If you have you might wonder why does it cost so much to clean my carpets. Read this article and learn what is involved in carpet cleaning and see where the price comes from.

Carpet cleaning can be expensive but as you know it is a necessary expense to take care of your flooring investment. With the prices of cleaning you might be tempted to just go do it yourself. Before you do that though you should know exactly what is involved in carpet cleaning. This might help you see what the price is actually quite fair. It will also help you see how ridiculous those $9 a room con artists are. One factor that affects the cost of carpet cleaning is the equipment. Carpet cleaners spend thousands of dollars on cleaning equipment. A moderately priced truck mounted carpet cleaning machine can cost up to twenty thousand dollars and requires a thirty thousand dollar van to move it around. That means that they bring a fifty thousand dollar rig to your home, not including the chemicals and specialty cleaning tools they have. This is just for a moderately priced cleaning machine, some carpet cleaning rigs can run up to a hundred thousand dollars. Another factor to consider is the training. A quality carpet cleaner will have years of training behind their belt and will undergo regular continuing education. This is necessary to keep up with changes in the industry and to stay familiar with all of the new products produced by the carpet mills. Lastly you need to consider the cost of fuel, advertising and insurance that the cleaner pays. There are countless other expenses but this covers the majority of the big ones.

When you put all of these factors together you can see that the carpet cleaners you hire are not making quite as much money off of you as you thought. In fact you can see that most cleaners are quite reasonable in price and you can see that those low ball carpet cleaners must be up to something.

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Maintenance of a carpet is not one of the easiest jobs and it takes time and effort to keep your carpet in good condition. Most people use vacuum cleaners for carpet cleaning but this is not enough; your carpets also need some deep cleaning. The truth is that a carpet is easily prone to contaminants and pollutants. Your dog may walk in wagging his tail and shed some of his lovely hair on the carpet. A storm may bring in a few more surprises in the form of dust and allergens. To top it all, there is always the fear of spilling liquid or food, which may cause deep stains. All this translates to one thing: deep carpet cleaning.

It is advisable to deep clean carpets at least once in 12 or 18 months. This will not only remove the dust and the dirt but also the deep stains. As a result of deep carpet cleaning, the life span of your carpet will increase and it will also look as good as new. Deep cleaning of carpets will reduce the wear and tear and keep its colors bright. The question is how best you can deep clean your carpets?

Deep cleaning of carpets is not something that you can do at home always. This kind of carpet cleaning requires professional help. When you buy a new carpet, you will find a manufacturer note that states that the best cleaning process for all carpets is deep cleaning. It is important that you follow the instructions provided by the carpet manufacturer. You can try deep carpet cleaning at home too but for that you will require a carpet shampoo. There are different types of shampoos available in the market that can be used for specific carpets like woolen or silk carpets.

You should avoid using soap and household detergents for deep carpet cleaning as they can severely damage your carpet. To get the best results, start by vacuuming your carpet completely and then apply a pre-conditioning solution. The pre-conditioning solution is a form of mild detergents, which will help the soil on the carpet to loosen before you can start the actual deep cleaning process. Alternatively, you can also hire a carpet cleaning professional to do the job.

You can search over the internet for firm in your area that employ different deep carpet cleaning processes. The best way to find a professional is through references. Ask for references from your friends, neighbors, colleagues and family. While speaking to different professional carpet cleaners, make sure that you discuss the use of the five different methods of deep cleaning. Take their advice as they know which method will be best suited for your carpet. The five methods of carpet cleaning are:

Dry extraction: In this method professionals use an absorbent that contains special solvents and detergents. This absorbent is infused in to the carpet using special machines. The absorbent acts like a magnet and attract all the dirt, dust particles and soil from the carpet fibers. Once that happens then the carpet can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. This process works well for sturdy carpets.

Dry foam extraction: In this method, the professional will apply a detergent solution, which will create foam. The foam will then be applied to your carpet. The foam will attract all the dirt and the other pollutants, which can be removed later on using a vacuum cleaner. This process of carpet cleaning will work well for woolen carpets.

Hot water extraction: This is also known as steam cleaning and you can do it at home. First you will have to precondition the soiled areas of the carpet and then use a specially designed hot water extraction machine to infuse the cleaning solution into the carpet. This will help in loosening and removing of the soil.

Rotary shampoo: This is one of the classic carpet cleaning methods. It is done by professionals who use a machine that has rotary brushes. With the help of the brushes, cleaning solution is injected into the carpet, which helps in removing loose soil.

Absorbent pad: This is the last of the carpet cleaning methods and should not be done at home. A specially designed machine is used for removing the soil. The machine has absorbent spin pads, which can absorb the soil from your carpet.

At the end, it is always advised to refer to the instructions mentioned by the carpet manufacturer to help you choose the right deep cleaning method for your carpet.

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We all know that carpet is expensive, and if you are looking at having to carpet a room, several rooms, or a whole house, you would probably like to find some cheap carpet. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean low-quality; there are ways to find carpet that will last you for years and still get a bargain price on it. You simply need to use some ingenuity and put some time and work into it. If you have the money to simply walk into any carpet store, choose what you want and make plans to have it delivered and installed, that's fine. Most of us, however, want to find the best deal that we can.

One good way to find cheap carpet is by looking at some of the carpet warehouses. These are places that sell carpet in bulk. Some may only sell a few brands of carpet, but many sell a lot of different brands, which gives you a good choice of what to buy. The quality of the carpets in the warehouses does not differ from the quality you will see in more expensive carpet stores. The quality will depend on the brand and how the carpet is made. The cheap carpet you are looking for isn't necessarily the least expensive carpet that the warehouses have to sell. Usually it means getting a good quality name-brand carpet for much less than you would pay in a regular retail store.

Keep in mind that the warehouse carpet store may not offer installation or even delivery. Of course, one of the ways to get cheap carpet is to haul it and install it yourself. There are good manuals available for doing so, and you may even have some friends who know how to do it and who would be willing to help you. You could use a barter system. You give them benefit of your expertise in something for free, and they lend you their carpet installing skills.

Another way to get cheap carpet is to buy it used. This may not seem like a good idea at first, but there are some people and businesses that sell carpet that they no longer need but that is in great condition. If the carpet has been in a low-traffic area and has been kept very clean and treated well, it might be just fine for your purposes. The key is to keep your eyes and ears open for cheap carpet from many different sources, so that you can grab a deal when you see it.

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