Throughout the last twenty years, in terms of the carpet underlay, sponge rubber has been the default choice for homeowners, renovators and interior designers when choosing which textile to use for their carpet pad.

The benefits of rubber underlay have been clear and obvious for all this time. It is very dense meaning it offers great underfoot feel. This fantastic comfort alone is the difference between a good feeling carpet and a great feeling carpet.

The density of the carpet underlay has many positive effects beyond increasing comfort underfoot. For instance, it has a higher tog rating than other types. This means that it is more effective at stopping heat from passing through and thus will keep your rooms warmer. This attribute in particular was beneficial because many people realised that they could save a substantial amount of money on their fuel bills. And later after the turn of the millennium, the environmental aspect also became a tick in the box for sponge rubber underlay.

When you throw in the acoustic benefits that added density brings, sponge rubber was a logical choice given what was available.

In recent years however, trends show PU foam becoming the dominant and market leading type of underlay for carpets, surpassing rubber, both in the industry and in the minds of many consumers. It's light and it's recycled, everything you would want in a modern underlay.

PU foam in its cushioned form as applied in underlay became commercially available in the late 1950's. Nowadays, as underlay the PU Foam comes from recycled sofas, bringing with it the obvious comfort benefits. While less "spongy" than its competitor its just as soft meaning the comfort benefits are highly similar.

The main reason for the advancement of PU Foam is durability. The vast majority of sponge rubber underlay simply cannot compare in terms of work of compression. Work of compression is how capable the underlay is of regaining its previous shape after a period of pressure, for example from heavy furniture. By its very nature PU foam is better at doing this and so it stands the test of time, in general, better than sponge.

There are few sponge rubber underlay still selling successfully today, however at the premium end of the market, there remains some outstanding sponge rubber offerings. These are thick enough that durability is not an issue and the comfort benefits win out.

The remainder of the characteristics between the two types are comparable but the lighter weight and durability of the average PU foam underlay mean it's a trend that is set to continue.

Carpet underlay seems like just another unnecessary expense when re-doing a room. Surely it can't matter that much, right? WRONG! The right carpet padding can make all the difference between a room that will be beautiful and comfortable for years to come and a room that will show its age and be uncomfortable right from the start.

Advantages of carpet underlay

The most obvious advantage of carpet underlay is the "cushiness" factor under bare feet. There is nothing like being able to walk in a room with a soft carpet that feels good under one's feet. A soft, plush underlay makes a good carpet irresistible to lounge on or for children to play on. It is also a comfort on sore feet at the end of a long, grueling day at work.

Another advantage of good carpet underlay is its ability to keep the floors warm in the winter. The right thickness of padding allows heat to penetrate the carpeting if you have underfloor radiant heating and, conversely, retains the heat in the room if your heat enters above the floor level. Good carpet padding will ensure delightfully warm feet inside no matter what the temperature is outside.

Acoustical insulation is another reason to get great carpet underlay, especially for the second floor of your home. Good padding will help to reduce cases of sound leaking from one floor to another. If you have ever lived in a house or an apartment where you can hear every step taken in the room above your head then you know what I mean by this. Also, a little extra padding in a room used by a teenager might provide just the sound reduction you need to retain your sanity when he or she is listening to a little music or playing video games.

carpet underlay isn't just a luxury. It will also help retain the beauty of the room in which it's placed for years to come. It can help hide uneven flooring and it will also extend the life of the carpet that is placed over it. It will reduce the wear and tear on the carpet and make it look new for much longer than a carpet with cheap padding.

Don't make the mistake of skimping on your carpet padding. Though it will never been seen directly, you will definitely see the difference that good carpet underlay will make in the beauty and comfort of the room in which it is placed.

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