What exactly does “all natural carpet cleaners” mean? To put it simply, an all natural carpet cleaner would be any method or product which cleans carpets and is, well, all natural, meaning that it is created from natural ingredients, and not from hazardous and potentially harmful chemicals.
A list of the benefits of all natural carpet cleaners would be endless. To name just a few, though...
Oxygenated cleaning: 100% Environment friendly

Rather than supporting heavy polluting chemical factories and creating hazardous by product to add to landfills, all natural carpet cleaners are created from 100% biodegradable materials, create no harmful by products whatsoever, and don’t contribute to the problem of chemical factory pollution.
A Faster Drying Solution

Since soaps and detergents can be thick and sticky, they tend to take a lot longer to evaporate than the oxygen and water based methods and products employed by oxygenated carpet cleaning companies. Oxygenated cleaning shouldn’t take more than an hour to dry, assuming the room is well ventilated.
No after-cleaning, at all

When you use traditional, soap based methods of carpet cleaning, you may look at all the ugly residue and chunks of dried up detergent on the floor and wonder why you bothered shampooing in the first place when it seems to have made as much of a mess as it cleaned up. Since there are no chemicals or soaps employed in the oxygenated cleaning products, there is no residue. Your carpet will be perfectly clean the minute the water dries.
Oxygenated Cleaning Companies Provide Pet Friendly Carpet Cleaners
Another benefit of all natural carpet cleaning services: It’s better for your pets. Even if you shampooed your carpet months ago, hazardous chemicals can still leave a dangerous residue behind. This can be inhaled by pets or give rashes to bare feet. The best way to eliminate this risk? Don’t use harmful chemicals. Oxygenated cleaning uses absolutely no harmful chemicals in their carpet cleaning process.
So What is a Green Carpet Cleaning Company?

A green carpet cleaning company is a company that employs only environmentally safe and sound products and methods when cleaning carpets. The reason so many carpet cleaning companies have been reluctant to adapt to this change generally has to do with the fact that, well, soaps and detergents are a tried and true method, and most people are unwilling to commit to new ideas until they’ve been just as proven as the standard. Rest assured, though, that green carpet cleaning methods can be just as effective, if not more effective, than chemical based carpet cleaning.
All natural oxygenated cleaning companies like OxiFresh make efforts to ensure that every product and service they employ is safe for the environment, safe for your pets and family, and just as effective as traditional methods.
Where can I find an All Natural Carpet Cleaning Business?

Unfortunately, not a lot of cleaning businesses have taken the leap of faith into all natural methods yet. Before long, we will probably see all natural carpet cleaning becoming more and more common. Until that time comes, we still do have a few options at least, and companies like OxiFresh are sparing no effort to make sure that the environment conscious consumer has the option of a more earth-friendly cleaning alternative.

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