Carpeting is constantly being attacked from all angles by things in your home. It has a rough life and can be difficult to maintain. If you want to keep your carpet in the best shape possible you need to know where the dangers to your carpet are. Read this article and learn about some of the things that you didn't know could hurt your carpet.

One such thing that can hurt your carpet is your furniture. Did you know that varnish on furniture can easily transfer to the carpet? This is especially true with darker finishes and antique furniture. These furniture stains are difficult if not impossible to remove. Once they are there often the only way to remove them is to have a carpet cleaning company cut the damaged section out and replace them. To prevent this type of damage be sure to place furniture pads under the legs of varnished and antique furniture. It can save a big big problem.

Another lesser known danger to your carpet is candles. Candles can produce soot which will settle on yor homes carpeting. This is essentially fire damage and can also be hard or impossible to remove. To prevent this type of damage you should attempt to limit the amount of candles that you burn. When you do burn candles try to cut down the wicks often to reduce soot and but quality candles which will have less impurities in the wicks.

One final hazard is probably in your home office. That is your computer tower. Many people place their computer tower on the floor with nothing underneath it. When the computer is on the fan is pulling in air to cool it. This air must now go through the carpet fibers to get inside the tower. On the way the carpet fibers filter the air trapping fine particles of dust and soot. These fine particles are difficult to remove and you will be left with a permanent line around where the tower was located. To prevent this from happening, place a board under the tower. It is better for the carpet and is better for the computer which will be able to cool itself better.

As you can see there are many hazards to your carpe in your home. Do your best to prevent them and you will have a long and happy relationship with your carpet.

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