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There are a wide variety of cheap carpet tiles available on the market. Home and business users will likely be surprised by the wide variety of tiles available today. The carpet tile market has come a long way since it was first created. No longer are we restricted to the cheap and ugly looking tiles of the past. The various carpet square types can basically be divided into the following groups: Cut and loop, flatweave, hooked rug, knotted pile, needfelt, Saxony, textured Saxony, tufted, and woven. Colors and patterns for this flooring style are limitless. You can find everything from solid color schemes, variegated colors, striped patters and many more. Some manufacturers even offer customized designs on the tiles - so if you ever wanted to commemorate your favorite sports team, carpet tiles might just be the way to go.

The price range of these modular carpets can vary greatly depending on your exact parameters. Although you can spend a tremendous amount of money getting top of the line tiles in your home, modular carpets do not have to break your bank account. These carpets are one of the most economical choices the average person has available to them when making their flooring decision. Cheap carpet tiles can easily be found in the $1 and under price range.

Oftentimes people find that there is very little cost saving from a square foot perspective when they begin pricing modular carpets and compare them to traditional carpets. The benefits of using carpet squares instead of conventional wall-to-wall carpet go beyond a simple price per square foot comparison. When the installation price is factored into the equation modular carpets will often come out the clear winner. This is because the installation of carpet tiles is so much simpler than installing regular carpet. Traditional carpet installs is a laborious task. The simple act of hauling around large rolls of carpet is difficult enough. The installation of carpet rolls can be an all day task and is something the average person should not attempt to do themselves.

Modular carpet on the other hand is very easy to install. It is not a complex process. In fact there are no specialized tools required for the installation. Because the carpet comes in easy to manage tiles, transportation and movement of the carpeting is very easy. The most common tile size is roughly 18 inches square. One of the nicest attributes of modular carpets is that they can be placed over virtually any hard surface with no additional prep work. The tiles can be laid right over common floor surfaces like concrete, plywood and stone. The carpet tiles have an adhesive back so there is no gluing, stapling or nailing required for the installation to be successful. As long as you have a ruler to keep the tiles straight and scissors or a sharp knife to do any necessary trimming, you basically have all the required tools for the installation. Because installation is so easy the installation fee should be less than what is charged for a conventional carpet roll. The difference in installation costs can make a dramatic difference in the final cost of the carpet.

Of course the installation of this carpet is so easy that a professional installer is hardly necessary. If you are the type of person that likes to do projects around the home yourself, installation of carpet tiles is one job you should be able to accomplish relatively easily. If you choose to do the installation yourself just make sure that you have cleaned the surface that the tiles will be placed on, this will make sure that nothing interferes with the adhesion of the glue. Doing self installs of modular carpets are an excellent way to make cheap carpet tiles even cheaper.

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