For the do it yourselfer it is almost painful to hire a contractor to do work on their home. Some situations however require professional experience and equipment that are out of the range of the average home owner. Read this article to see why you should not clean your own carpeting.

It seems like an easy task, cleaning your homes carpet. There is however much more to it than you think and many reasons that you should not attempt to clean it yourself. For example, one reason to not clean your own carpet is the time involved. By the time you pick up the equipment, bring it home, clean your carpet and then return the equipment you have spent the better part of an entire day working on your carpet. How much money could you have made at work in that same time? Probably more than enough to pay for the cost of carpet cleaning. Maybe you should pick up a couple hours of overtime instead of cleaning your own carpet. It will probably save your time since a pro could probably do the same job in as little as two hours while you get to relax. Another reason to not clean a carpet yourself is because of the long drying time involved. Rental units typically have one small vacuum motor which is not capable of extracting much of the water that it sprays on the carpet. This often results in dry times of over twenty four hours. A professional cleaners equipment in comparison will have either multiple high powered vacuums or an even larger vacuum powered by a fifteen, twenty five or even forty horsepower engine. Dry times with professional steam cleaning can be as little as one hour. One final reason to not clean the carpet yourself is because you do not have access to professional chemicals. The shampoo you receive with rental units is a far cry from the low to no residue cleaners that the pros use. Not to mention the fact that they have specialty chemicals that can get out just about any stain.

As you can see from this article there are many reasons to not clean your own carpet. Take these into consideration before you decide on what to do. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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