When it is time to clean the carpet you have several cleaning methods to use. One of the most popular methods in the past was a method called Shampoo Carpet Cleaning. Hot water extraction has since become more popular but shampooing still has its place in carpet cleaning and has come a long way. Read this article and learn more about this method of carpet cleaning.

The most important factor in shampoo carpet cleaning is the use of a good carpet shampoo. The cleaning chemical is the most important part of the cleaning equation. A good shampoo cleaner must have the following traits. It must be able to form a thick and long lasting foam, t must help to lubricate the carpet and it must dry to a brittle non residual form that can be easily vacuumed out of the carpet. When using this method the carpet cleaner will begin by thoroughly pre-vacuuming your carpet. This is important since most of the soil in your carpet is dry ad can be removed easier and more completely with a good vacuuming. Next the cleaner will apply the shampoo to the carpet with a machine that will turn it into a thick foam. The foam will break down and absorb soil in the carpet. The cleaner might then use his cleaning machine to extract the foam or might simply let the foam completely dry in your carpet. When it dries it will turn into a brittle substance that is easy to remove. The last step in the process is to then vacuum the carpet again to remove the shampoo. The result is a clean carpet that is residue free and dry very quickly.

Hopefully this article has given you some good information on carpet cleaning. If you would like to learn more about this method, open the phone book and find a shampoo cleaner in your area. They will be more than happy to explain the process and its benefits to you over the phone. Good luck.


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