A quality carpet is an expensive venture. I am not talking about small size but the ones that we use in the living rooms. They range anywhere from 6 to 10 feet long and may be 5 to 7 feet wider. Such expensive carpet need extra attention and regular care like cleaning and vacuuming to extend their life. The length of the carpet's life is a determining factor in the value of the investment. Below are eight guidelines in obtaining a longer carpet life and thereby adding value to the carpet investment.

1. Vacuum frequently to remove tiny impurities that descend into the carpet. Frequent vacuuming reduces wear on the carpet.

2. Purchase a quality vacuum cleaner. Verify that the suction is sufficient to remove the deep grit. The dirt infiltrated into the carpet chafes and wears the carpet materials. A quality vacuum cleaner is much more cost efficient than replacing worn-out carpets.

3. The life of the carpet is extended when the pad is replaced during installation. Use the proper padding for the new carpet type. New padding reduces stretching and sagging and gives the new carpet an enhanced appearance. Evading the replacement of the pad nulls the warranty in addition to decreasing the carpet's life.

4. Use a cleaner at least once a year. High traffic areas may require more frequent cleanings. Grit, grime, stains, and oils should be removed to reduce wear on the fibers. Use only non-residue cleaners. A residue can draw dirt that creates more wear. In addition to extending the life, cleaning the carpet improves its look also.

5. Grit, grime, and oil are tracked in on shoes. Request that shoes be removed when a person enters the carpeted area. The removal of shoes will improve the looks and lifetime of the carpet.

6. Bare feet are as harmful to carpets as shoes. Human skin is covered with an oil film. Bare feet leave an oil residue on the carpets. Socks should be worn to protect the carpeted areas.

7. Use area rugs or runners in high-traffic areas. The can enhance the d├ęcor of the area as well protect the carpet. The smaller area rugs are easier to clean and less expensive to replace.

8. When a stain occurs, remove it immediately. Keep a bottle of all purpose cleaner on hand for emergencies. Once a stain is set, it is difficult or impossible to remove. Staining creates the most damaging wear, robbing the carpet of a longer life.

Following the preceding guidelines will provide longer carpet life and better looking carpets. Protect the investment of quality carpet. A little effort can extend the lifeand value of your investment.

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