Wax on a carpet can seem like a catastrophe. It seems like nothing could possibly get it out but this is not the case. It is actually quite simple to do and is easily within the realm of the do it yourselfer. Read this article and learn how to remove wax from your carpet.

First lets talk about the supplies that you will need. You will need some cotton terry cloth towels which are available at most home improvement stores, a steam iron, a bottle of carpet spotter and a bottle of vinegar and water spotter. To make the vinegar spotter you will mix one part white distilled vinegar and three parts of water in a spray bottle. Fill the iron with water and plug it in near the spot. Set it on the lowest steam setting and place it somewhere where it can not be knocked over. While it is heating up get a couple of the terry cloth towels and soak them in water. Wring them out so they are just damp and not sopping wet. Now place the towel over the wax spot and place the iron on top of it. Keep the iron moving so as to not burn the carpet. Check the towel every couple seconds and change the position of it or switch to a new one when it is full of wax. This should have removed all of the wax and now you just need to remove any further residue. To do this, spray the spot with your general spotter and dab it up with a clean and dry terry cloth towel. Repeat this step several times but do not over saturate the carpet. Finally you will neutralize the spotter by misting the spot with the vinegar solution. Let it dwell for a second and then blot it up with your towel. Repeat it one more time and you are done and wax free.

Hopefully this article has helped you take care of your wax problem. If it sounds too complicated or any color from the wax remains you should call a local carpet cleaner. Good luck.


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