We will start with a bit of facts on some possibly hazardous carpet cleaning chemicals. Butyl has been proven to cause emphysema and trigger asthma attacks. Any carpet cleaning technician will attest to this after completing a large order and being unable to take deep breaths. Chlorine can cause cancer, liver damage and chronic bronchitis. Limonene may cause burns and eye agitation. This list goes on and on.

Organic cleaning manufacturers have removed these hazardous cleaning chemicals and have replaced them with natural, nontoxic, non carcinogenic ingredients. Truthfully, they DO NOT clean as well as traditional carpet cleaning chemicals but any spot, spill or stain can be removed using other cleaning methods. TACT is a term used among IICRC certified carpet cleaning technicians which describes the ingredients to a successful carpet cleaning. TACT stands for Temperature, Agitation, Chemical, and Time. Although your organic cleaners may not be as effective, you do have three other ingredients for a successful carpet cleaning.

Temperature - tell your carpet cleaning technician to turn up the steam on the cleaning van to above boiling (+212 degrees Fahrenheit).

Agitation - put some elbow grease into it.

Time - let your organic cleaners dwell into the carpet for a longer period (possibly over 20-30 minutes).

So there you have it; a concrete strategy to clean your carpet without worrying about bringing hazardous chemicals into your home. You will not feel guilty about putting your children at risk and you will have beautiful, crisp, clean carpets. Let's face it, our world is going green. It is healthier for people, pets and the environment. And yes, organic carpet cleaning is safest for our most precious, our children.


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