Carpet is subject to a number of different hazards that cause a number of different problems. One problem that you might have is black lines on the carpet. They normally appear along the edges of walls and under doors that are closed all the time. So what are they and how can they be removed? Read on and learn more about these black lines.

The black lines that forma round walls and under doors are called filtration lines. They are actually very common but are noticed more by people who have light colored carpeting. They are cause from your homes heating and air conditioning system. What happens is the air system forces air into the room. This cause a build up of air pressure. To equalize this air pressure the air travels underneath interior walls and under doors. The carpet along that area then acts like an air filter trapping fine particles of dust and soot. This dust and soot can be nearly impossible to remove but can often be approved. If you have a problem with these lines you want to be careful not to use a spot cleaner that leaves a residue. If you do, the lines are sure to return larger and darker. Use a non residual spotter or even better, call your local carpet cleaner to take care of the lines. Do not expect miracles however. The best way to handle filtration lines is to prevent them. Try to keep doors open to allow for the smooth flow of air. Vacuum your floor often and change your air filter regularly to alow it to efficiently pull dust and soot from the air before it reaches the carpet. If you ever have your carpet replaced you can go one step further. Run a bead of caulk along the edge of the wall after the carpet has been removed. This will keep the air from traveling under the walls and should solve the problem completely.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do with filtration lines once they have occurred. They can be improved but rarely completely removed. The best cure for them like many other things is prevention.

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