If you are ready to have your homes carpeting cleaned you might have called around for cleaning estimates already. If you have you might wonder why does it cost so much to clean my carpets. Read this article and learn what is involved in carpet cleaning and see where the price comes from.

Carpet cleaning can be expensive but as you know it is a necessary expense to take care of your flooring investment. With the prices of cleaning you might be tempted to just go do it yourself. Before you do that though you should know exactly what is involved in carpet cleaning. This might help you see what the price is actually quite fair. It will also help you see how ridiculous those $9 a room con artists are. One factor that affects the cost of carpet cleaning is the equipment. Carpet cleaners spend thousands of dollars on cleaning equipment. A moderately priced truck mounted carpet cleaning machine can cost up to twenty thousand dollars and requires a thirty thousand dollar van to move it around. That means that they bring a fifty thousand dollar rig to your home, not including the chemicals and specialty cleaning tools they have. This is just for a moderately priced cleaning machine, some carpet cleaning rigs can run up to a hundred thousand dollars. Another factor to consider is the training. A quality carpet cleaner will have years of training behind their belt and will undergo regular continuing education. This is necessary to keep up with changes in the industry and to stay familiar with all of the new products produced by the carpet mills. Lastly you need to consider the cost of fuel, advertising and insurance that the cleaner pays. There are countless other expenses but this covers the majority of the big ones.

When you put all of these factors together you can see that the carpet cleaners you hire are not making quite as much money off of you as you thought. In fact you can see that most cleaners are quite reasonable in price and you can see that those low ball carpet cleaners must be up to something.

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