Should you use shampoo or steam? The problem with carpet cleaning does not only revolve around the different stains, dust and dirt that could be lingering in your carpet. You also need to think about the method of carpet cleaning: should you use shampoo or steam? Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Understanding them will help you to come up with the right decision.

Why Use Liquid Shampoo

This is one of the most common methods of carpet cleaning, also considered to be the oldest. The materials used are very simple, so any carpet user can utilize this method. You only need to have carpet brushes and a foamy solution, which you need to get from the manufacturer. This is because you cannot just formulate your own or clean the carpet with some random cleaning solution.

Professional carpet cleaners follow this process: It begins with adding the shampoo into the carpets. The brush will be used to cover the shampoo to the area that needs to be cleaned. The foam will then be allowed to stay on top of the carpet for a while until it can absorb any ground-in dirt. It can be between 2 hours to even a day, depending on the severity of the dirt. When the shampoo has already dried, you can already suction it with your vacuum cleaner.

One of the benefits of using shampoo is that it works well with heavily soiled carpets and can bring back the vibrance of the carpet colors. It also does not destroy the fluffiness of the carpet pile, and is not expensive. Carpet cleaners know that shampooing is one of the most basic techniques in carpet cleaning.

There are, however, two potential issues with shampoo carpet cleaning. First, it leaves residues to the carpet, making the process messier. Moreover, it will encourage buildup into the carpet, which means it gets dirty again quickly.

Why Use Steam Cleaning

A better approach to carpet cleaning will be using steam. It uses more complicated equipment, such as a special type of vacuum cleaner. It can also be quite costly. Nevertheless, when you get to know their benefits, you would be more encouraged to use it. The best carpet cleaners always recommend the steam cleaning method.

As its name suggests, you clean the carpet using steam. The water is heated to a certain temperature, and the steam will then be released onto the surface of the carpet. Expert New York carpet cleaners can estimate the duration of steaming. With its hotness, it will be able to lift ground-in dirt into the carpet. The heat loosens accumulated dirt, dust and scum. Then it becomes a lot easier for you to remove them through vacuuming.

Steam cleaning is the ideal carpet cleaning solution. With steam cleaning, all you need is water. Thus, there is no need to invest in other cleaning products. What’s more, steam can get into the deeper portions of the carpet fiber, where the soil and dust could be found. This is something that cannot be accomplished by mere shampooing. Within 15 minutes, you are already done with the entire carpet cleaning procedure, and you do not leave any residue into the carpet, as those drops of water can evaporate immediately.

The only problem with steam cleaning is that it will not effectively work with carpets that are heavily soiled or those that are exposed to extremely high traffic.

Working with Carpet Cleaning Companies

You can avail of a carpet cleaner service to ensure that you can employ the right kind of cleaning method. You can also expect these carpet cleaners to have the best equipment needed to get their job done, so you will not have to hassle yourself with procuring them yourself. Most of all, the best carpet cleaners will have the expertise to perform both shampoo and steam carpet cleaning. They can also offer you the soundest advice.

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