Your Carpet And Mold Damage

Carpets can get mold in them because the fabric locks the moisture in to create it. It is easy for moisture or water to get locked in the carpet, and you have to make sure your house is dry and if you wash your carpet, you need to get all the water out. You need to go over the carpet over and over again until the water is out and the carpet does not feel that wet. This way, it will not cause mold to grow. If mold gets in the carpet, it can cause allergies and problems to your health, which can get worse if it is not taken care of right away.

It can cause rashes, hives, the mold can get in the air, it can get in your furniture, and it can cause you to have breathing problems. This carpet mold can cause serious and permanent damage to your health so you have to make sure that your carpet does not have mold growing in it. If you try to clean the carpet with carpet cleaners or a carpet cleaning machine, it will not get rid of the mold you will have to throw it away and out of your house. If it is not removed, the problem will get worse and so will your health problems.

A lot of people think if you clean the carpet really well, it will get rid of the mold but what they do not know is that the mold locks into the fabrics of the carpet and stays there. You can clean the mold with bleach, but that will ruin the carpet and it will be no good. When wetness or moisture locks in, it will spread throughout the carpet and it will get in the cracks of the floors, which will cause an even bigger problem. Once the carpet is removed from the house, you will need to clean the floor really well to make sure that the mold is gone.

This is to be done whether you are putting a new carpet in or not, and this is to protect your family and their health. You can tell if you have mold by the smell in the air because it will smell moldy or musty. When you take out the carpet, you will need to wear a mask on your face and glove in your hands so you will not be affected by the mold. Mold releases toxins that are very dangerous to humans or pets, and that is why you need to keep your kids and pets away when you are removing it.

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