Carpet, most houses have it. It is a great all purpose affordable flooring but can be trouble some times. Keep reading this article and learn about some of the problems with carpet and some cures for those problems.

The most common problem that a carpet will face is staining. This is especially true if you have kids or pets. Most stains can be removed with a general spotter. When you go to remove stains get a good quality spotter and be sure not to rub the carpet. Instead you should blot it to avoid damaging the fibers. If you have stains that are not being removed with spotting you should call a professional cleaner in who will have other methods and cleaners.

Another problem that carpet often faces is burns. This can be from cigarettes, irons or even friction burns from dragging furniture across carpet. If you get a burn there is often no other solution but to have it cut out and a patch put in. A good installer will be able to cut out the area and replace it with a section of carpet from a closet or other hidden are. Minor cigarette burns can sometimes be fixed by using nail clippers to cut the affected part of the carpet tuft off. Use caution though.

Wear is another problem of carpet. It can cause the carpet to appear darker and can cause the ends of tufts to begin to fuzz. There is no cure for wear only preventative measures. Vacuum your carpet often and use area rugs and door mats to trap soil in other areas of the home before they can wear your carpet.

Overall carpet is a great flooring. Use the above tips to make it last longer and make it easier to live with. Good luck with your carpets.

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