Carpet Cutting Machines

Carpet cutting machines come in different styles and have different uses. Some are simply for the cutting of carpet lengths to the length ordered. Others are meant to aid in the manufacture custom designed carpets and may even be computer numerically controlled. Prices will vary with the quality and complexity you need in your carpet cutting machines. The first carpet cutting machines came into being around the turn of the twentieth century and eliminated the need for hand cutting of carpets to lengths ordered by the customers.

Carpet cutting machines have evolved over the years to where most carpet distributors have one type or another in their shop. Hand held models used in smaller shops are a little bit bigger and heavier than you average circular saw and are operated similarly. The carpet is laid out flat and measured to the length ordered, then the carpet cutting machine is applied just as a circular saw would be and pushed across the entire width giving a clean even cut. Carpet cutting machines built to load rolls onto them are used at bigger distributors. You load the roll of carpet on one side as it comes from the manufacturer. Then thread it through the central part of the machine. You can then program this type of carpet cutting machines to measure out the ordered lengths and roll them up while they are being measured.

The other style of carpet cutting machines is a computer numerically controlled cutter that can cut fancy shapes for specialized uses. One example is those specially shaped carpets used for advertising purposes. Other uses are the rug you put down in your bathroom to protect your feet on cold winter days, mats for your car and just about any other type of specially cut carpet.

The cost of carpet cutting machines may seem high when you first explore getting one, but the amount of labor saved by them more than makes up for the original investment. Take into consideration, the accidents that happen when you manually cut carpet and the savings rise even more. Some of the finer carpet cutting machines can only be leased and not bought. A lease may seem more expensive at first examination, but consider that maintenance contract costs are built right into the lease instead of being added on at the end of a purchase. Then, take into account that when a better model comes out, your expense of switching to it and bettering your production rates and capabilities will be a lesser expense than purchasing new carpet cutting machines. Also, consider that if your carpet cutting machines break down beyond repair on site, the leasing company will bring replacements out to your place of business to keep their end of the lease fulfilled.

Carpet cutting machines have come a long ways from when they were first introduced. Where the first ones would simply cut off the length of carpet needed for the roll to go to the distributors to where they can now make specially designed carpets controlled by computers.

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