If you have kids you know that they can often have a very negative impact on your carpet. Is it possible to have a clean carpet and kids? The answer to that question is yes, it is possible. There are however some things that you need to know and do to make them live well together. Read this article and learn some tricks to help you keep your carpet clean when you have kids.

The biggest thing you can do to protect your carpets is the most obvious. That is to not let them bring food onto the carpet. This is of course easier said than done but it is possible. Use extra caution when your children have juice or other colored drinks. Even if you put them in a sippy cup they can end up on the carpet. Sippy cups may not spill but they do drip. Solid foods can also be a problem especially when they drop them on the floor and then walk on them, grinding them into the carpet. So if you do choose to allow your kids to have food and drink on the carpet be sure to at least supervise them while they have them. The next tip is to vacuum the carpet more regularly. Once a week is good if you have no children but with kids you may need to vacuum every other day or even every day in high traffic areas. They bring a lot of soil onto the carpet and you need to get it up as soon as possible to prevent the soil from staining and damaging the carpeting. So keep your vacuum handy and in good condition. The last tip I have for you is to keep a good bottle of spotter and some cotton terry cloth spotting towels handy. Have them in a convenient location so that you can get to them quickly to clean up that sudden accident. Having spotter handy will allow you to clean the spots as they happen instead of letting them build up. If you let the spots build up you will have a big problem in no time.

Carpet and children do not have to be at odds with one another. You can in fact live with both if you just take a few moments to do a little maintenance. The effort is well worth the result of a clean and long lasting carpet and a home you like to be in.

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