Purchasing carpet in your home can have many advantages that you will not find with other flooring types. It is the most common choice in most homes because it offers versatility and a degree of fashion and practicality. Carpet offers a natural cushion if you fall and offers a slip resistant surface which helps to prevent accidents. Carpet also provides an added layer of insulation for your home which can add to the energy efficiency. It provides warmth underfoot and reduces the noise and the clatter that you get from bare floors. With the advances in technology you will find that most carpets that are manufactured today are more stain resistant than ever before which can make cleaning them much easier.

In the past it was thought that carpets and allergies did not go together. Some doctors encouraged their patients to remove carpeting in favor of bare floors. It has been found that carpet can actually reduce the allergens in your home by trapping them in the fibers. Once the allergens have been trapped in the carpet you will find that you need to clean the carpets on a regular schedule. If you neglect your carpet it will show and you may create health problems that you are not aware of. The quality of the air inside your home is a growing problem today because houses are being built more energy efficient. You can improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home and provide relief from your allergies by following a few simple tips.

Most problems that come from having carpet in your home are caused from a lack of maintenance. Vacuuming your carpet 3 to 4 times a week and following a regular deep cleaning schedule will greatly reduce the allergens that aggravate your allergies. Also using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will prevent putting these allergens back in your breathing space. You will also find that vacuuming upholstered furniture frequently will remove the allergens that cause allergy attacks. When children are jumping on your furniture or when people just plop down you will prevent these particles from being distributed into your breathing space.

Placing small mats strategically in high traffic areas mainly at entrances to rooms will reduce the amount of dirt and other particles tracked on your carpet which will improve the air you breathe. Avoid using thick drapes or long heavy curtains that attract dust and are difficult to wash. Use shutters, blinds or light washable curtains which are easy to remove a buildup of dust. Using furniture with canvas, leather or some other dense easily cleaned fabric will reduce the chance of aggravating your allergies.

Remove spots on the carpet as they appear. Common spills which include food, drinks, marks from pets, urine or other unsanitary problems cause the growth of bacteria. Odors in your carpet are a sign of bacteria growth even if you cannot see a stain. By removing marks and smells from your carpet you prevent allergic reactions. Mold will spread in areas of your home that are warm, dark and humid. Also mold will spread in poorly ventilated areas such as showers or basements. Moisture and warmth cause molds to spread quickly. Controlling the humidity in your home and removing mold will avoid triggering allergy attacks.

Dust mites, fungus, mold and mildew are easily removed with a proper carpet cleaning routine. The best way to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions in your home is to clean your carpet and upholstery at least twice a year. There are many types of carpet cleaning methods available and you will find a low moisture method is the best to sanitize your carpet and upholstery. These tips will improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home and prevent any further development of allergies, asthma or any other breathing problems.

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