Spring has sprung and when this time of year comes around it gives us a chance to revitalize our own lives and our environment. This can be as simple as making a small change in our home and this is when the thought of carpet installation comes up.

The prospect of choosing a new carpet can certainly be a daunting one as there are many things that a person has to consider before they even decide which carpet to get. Also one needs to make sure that they get the most suited personnel for the job. But one should not be intimidated by the prospect as there are some great items that one can check off on a list and if these are all taken into account then choosing a carpet should be that much easier. It is very important to remember though that choosing a carpet should not be rushed.

Firstly one has to decide if you like the color of the carpet you already have in place and perhaps you may want to keep the new carpet in the same color. One has to ensure that the new purchase will suit the room. If current carpet does not really suit the room then it is clear that the new carpet should be a more suitable color. If the current carpet does match up with the rest of the room then perhaps just choosing a different tone of the same color will make all the difference.

The color of your new purchase is the most important thing to think about and you have to make sure that it will complement the room. Different colored carpets can either brighten or darken a room, depending on the effect that you want to achieve. You need to make sure that it goes well with curtains and the walls of your room as these are the other two most prominent features in the space.

Carpet texture is another thing to take into account and one could choose to either go very soft or you could have a harsh material such as coir. There are a myriad options in between these two ranges and make sure you know what you want the room to look like when the decorating job is complete as this will help you choose the right texture.

Decide what size you want the carpet to be as well. This can either be a carpet that touches both walls (it is then going to need under felt) or you might opt for a smaller carpet. The former work brilliantly in rooms with a floor made of wood as the contrast between the two textures really does catch the eye.

Another thing to consider is what the room is used for. If one has small children or animals in and out of the room then it would make sense to get a carpet that is not difficult to clean. Coarser carpets are usually better for this and you do want to make sure that you don't waste money on a carpet that is ruined quickly.

The carpet can be the talking point of the room and if the wrong choice is made it could ruin all of your interior decorating efforts. It is not a good idea to leave this to chance so ensure that you tick off all the items on the check list. Once you have done so then it is recommended that you get experts to take care of your carpet installation so that you know it is done correctly.


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