Who can deny the elegance and beauty of carpet when you first get it laid? Not only is it beautiful but it is also the most cost effective and versatile flooring choice you can make for your home. Carpet is an effective insulator; it is fantastic for keeping you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Additionally, it reduces the noise level in your home, but it is also soft underfoot and offers a comfortable walking surface.

No wonder the beauty and luster of your carpet fades so quickly in some homes with the amount of foot traffic from both kids and pets. It is important to be able to clean the carpet yourself; it will save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs by maintaining the carpet on a regular basis.

The problem is if you try to find any information about do it yourself carpet cleaning the only information you manage to find is some professional company telling you that you should hire them to clean it or you risk ruining your carpet. Let's face it though, who can afford to hire a carpet cleaner for every little spill or stain?

Cleaning a carpet yourself is a lot easier than you might think. If you take some care and use a little common sense, you can get great results and it makes more sense than leaving the marks on your carpet too long and taking a chance that the damage is permanent. Follow a few tips to maintain your carpets and cleaning the carpet yourself gets much easier.

Food spills can be a little tricky. Make sure you don't leave any spills for later, it's imperative that you clean those spills immediately as it will prevent stains. When removing spots or spills do not use any harsh cleansers that might permanently damage the carpet.

When traffic patterns start to form on your carpet they can be extremely difficult to clean because the carpet itself is wearing out. You are able to clean the dirt but not the wear. To avoid this problem, try to rotate your furniture so that people will change where they are walking on your carpet.

Your best defense for pet damage is to vacuum your carpets often and make sure you clean any

"accidents" immediately. When you clean these areas, make sure you use a deodorizer specifically designed for pet stains so that the animal will not repeat the accident on the same spot.

The fading of your carpet by the sun is a problem that no carpet cleaner can tackle because the sun literally bleaches your carpet. To avoid this problem make sure you close your blinds in areas of your home not in use and avoid long hours of direct sunlight.

Every doorway seems to have worn out carpet in the opening, or dirt that has been tracked in from outside. Lay mats in the doorways or other strategic areas to prevent wear and dirt. To circumvent crushing from your furniture you can place glides under the furniture and move your furniture around occasionally.

One of the best techniques you can use to maintain the beauty of your carpet is to vacuum as often as possible. Vacuum areas carefully and slow enough to get out as much dirt as possible. The more dirt removed by vacuuming means you will preserve your carpets and the appearance will be much cleaner.

Its okay to steam clean your own carpets but beware of over wetting the carpets as it can cause the carpet to develop mold and mildew. Make sure that when you put your furniture back, if the carpet is not completely dry make sure you put something under the legs to prevent marking the carpets.

It's important that you hire a professional carpet cleaner periodically as well to deep clean your carpets. Try to use a carpet cleaner who uses encapsulation technology. Encapsulation technology is a system that removes the dirt from the carpet and transforms any residue into a crystal. You vacuum this crystal out for a more thorough clean. Using this method of carpet cleaning will prevent your carpet from getting dirty faster and in most cases will leave your carpet cleaner.

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