It is hard to find the right carpet cleaning solution for removing carpet odors. In fact, many people spend large amounts of money to get carpets and vehicles professionally cleaned when odors are too strong to eliminate themselves.

Many chemically based cleaning solutions simply mask bad smells but cannot remove them. Expensive cleaning machines may leave you with a damp carpet that takes hours to dry, rendering the area unusable. In addition, such dampness may lead to even worse odors, associated with mildew and mold. The good news is that there is, in fact, a way to remove odors from carpets, and it is completely eco-friendly.

Getting to the Source

To understand why a green carpet cleaning solution is so effective, it is important to understand how carpet cleaning chemicals are used. The odor from within carpets may often be deeply embedded within the carpet fibers. In many cases, carpet cleaning systems, like vacuum cleaners, may eliminate only the top surface of the stain, leaving the particles behind that may resurface and cause odors.

In some cases, the stain may harden and become difficult to dislodge. Many chemical cleaners usually just cover bad carpet odor with a strong chemical scent. However, this soon fades and the bad carpet odor returns. If the foul odor comes from mold or fungus, it may be even more difficult to remove as it can re-grow and spread to other areas of the carpet.

There is an eco-friendly carpet cleaning solution, which effectively removes odors because it attacks the odor right at the source. These carpet cleaners actually contain a special kind of technology that breaks down dirt and debris, right at the molecular level. These tiny particles are then encapsulated, enabling them to be removed completely and effectively with a carpet extractor. In this way, even the toughest stains and old deposits can be broken down and removed with relative ease.

The Right Machine

Apart from green cleaning products, an effective carpet cleaning solution also lies in using the right kind of cleaning machines. After all, pre-spraying the carpet with a green solution to crystallize dirt is only half the process. These crystallized residues must be extracted. However, if the carpet cleaners do not contain the power needed for cleaning deep stains, particles will remain behind, causing odors, mold, fungus, and bacteria.

When purchasing carpet extractor machines or rug carpet cleaners, it is worth looking into units that have a low water flow. These machines will rely more on extraction power to eliminate dirt and debris. In this way, the drying times for carpets can be reduced to just a few hours. This is an important point to consider when looking for a cleaning solution for carpets in commercial areas with high traffic.

The machines used in conjunction with carpet Cleaning Solutions also play a role in odor removal. For instance, hot water carpet cleaners are more efficient in cleaning sticky stains or deposits that may be old and hardened. A hot water carpet extractor used with the right eco-friendly cleaning chemical can go a long way in removing foul odors that are particularly stubborn. In addition, the quick drying times associated with heated, low-flow carpet extractors lead to no risk of mold or mildew growth, one of the leading causes of odors resulting when cleaning carpets improperly.

The bottom line is that you do not need to eliminate a perfectly good carpet just because it has a foul odor, nor do you have to spend hefty sums of money for professional services to continually maintain your business's carpets. By using the right cleaning chemicals with the right rug carpet cleaners, even the most stubborn odors can be removed.

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Learning about some basic things that you must avoid doing to prolong your carpet's life is essential. Specifically, through this article, you will know facts about carpet cleaning habits that you need to avoid. After you finish reading this article, you will know if you have been committing mistakes that you thought would have made things better for your carpet. Also, through this article, you will learn that the simple things that you miss out on doing can also affect your carpet's life.

The first important point that you need to know is about stains. You must not allow different stains to dry up on your carpet. If something spills on your carpet (like soup, ketchup or wine, for example), do not wait long but quickly clean it as soon as possible. When you wait for such stains to dry, you will have a harder time in cleaning them up. When something spills on your carpet, quickly get something to wipe the stain off then blot it out.

Utilize paper towels if you can. Paper towels are very effective but if you do not have them, you can opt for towels or pieces of cloth. The important thing is that you get something that sucks up liquid quickly. Utilize soaps that are less powerful such as liquid dishwashing soap and carpet shampoo. They are very effective in cleaning and they are also not harmful for carpet fibers.

Don't procrastinate is the second important factor that you need to know. For most busy people, procrastination has been a common thing when it comes to cleaning carpets. Some wait too long before they even vacuum their carpets - don't ever do this. Basically, carpets that are unclean attract bacteria and growth of fungi. This will affect your family from a health standpoint. Thus, vacuum your carpet as much as you can. Take your time when vacuuming your carpet. Be patient because when you rush things, chances are that you might miss out on some dirt. Another thing that you need to take note of is that even the carpets that are not frequently walked on must be vacuumed regularly. This will help you in prolonging your carpet's life. Vacuuming your carpets daily would be very effective.

Don't save money on the wrong aspects of carpet cleaning. While you think you can save money by simply cleaning your carpet alone, maybe you should try thinking about getting help from a carpet cleaning expert. When you consult with an expert, you will definitely eliminate the possibility of bacteria and fungi forming on your carpets. This can actually help you save more money because it can help you avoid going to the hospital due to ailments caused by having a dirty carpet. A Tampa carpet cleaning professional will prolong the life of your carpet and create a healthy environment.

Take note of these important don'ts for carpet cleaning. They will definitely help you prolong your carpet's life - and your health!

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In autumn, leaves do blow or cling soggily to feet. Carpet at entrances automatically brushes off shoes and prevents Ihe tracking of soil. The small area at the doorway will need more frequent attention, but the rest of the house will be spared.

After the children go back to school, but before it gets too cold, consider giving your carpels their periodic professional cleaning. You can tell if they ready for a clean by parting the pile and taking a close look. If a dirt line shows deeper thin the half-way mark, it is time. The whole object is to keep soil from working down to the base of the fibers.

If you choose to clean the carpet yourself, follow directions for each kind of fiber. There, are many handy products that tell exactly what to use for general cleaning as well as "accident" spots. Fast drying is a secret of success. Help it out with the blower attachment on the vacuum.

The easy, basic rules of carpet care hold all year long: a thorough vacuuming once a week, a touch- up in between with sweeper or vacuum and periodic cleaning. During the holidays, children of all ages sit on the floor—around the fireplace, tree or TV set, so be sure your carpets are clean.

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Berber carpet - a cut above other carpets

Adam Peters

This article tells us about the origins of a carpet called "berber carpet." The paragraphs elucidate the advantages of the particular type. Pros and cons are weighed and at the end a clearer picture emerges about the berber carpet.

Have you ever heard of the Berber carpet, and do you where it originally comes from? A tribe in North Africa is known as the Berber tribe, the people of this tribe use handmade wool which is quite famous worldwide. The Berber carpet in vogue is made in accordance to the method employed by the tribe who use flecked bulky yarns to make exotic carpets. There are 10 reasons to prefer the Berber carpet over other carpets.

1. Exclusive

To easily recognize and identify the Berber carpet you would have to look for that distinct special looped flecked yarn which makes this carpet stylish and unique.

2. Loop Size - Choice

The Berber carpets are also unique for the reason that there are various choices from among level loop, multi level loops and loop and cut designs. They can be chosen from small tight loops to large knotty loops to cater for every room and decor according to the individuals taste.

3. Super Allergy Proof

In case of a history of allergy in the family or children, then a Berber carpet would fit the bill perfectly as they are capable of stopping bacteria growth, they are non allergic and are non toxic too.

4. Comfortable

The Berber carpet is made in such a way that they have numerous air pockets in them which in turn gives that wonderful cushiony feel when walked upon. They are also adept at maintaining the temperature of the room due to their insulating ability.

5. Tough

The Berber carpet is quite durable if you do not indulge in snagging as that may damage it. They definitely have the quality to really last long, the carpet does not show the post vacuum cleaning lines and footprints are not visible too. By and large they are the among the easiest carpets to clean while retaining the brand new look even after adding considerable time on it.

6. Easy on the Pocket

Berber carpets have another advantage of being affordable while being rich in appearance, color and style. It is quite ironical that pure wool carpets are cheaper, long lasting and stylish than olefin, nylon or any other man made fibers used for making the carpet which are expensive.

7. Various Colors

Berber carpets offer more to choose from among any other carpet. They are generally made when the appropriate pastel colors, dark colors and neutral or earthen color are varied and mixed. The result is that there are wide ranges to make a choice from. The major difference is the way the pile density and the kind of twisting the yarn are given.

8. To Camouflage the Sub Floor

When the requirement to redo the rugs on some of the older homes arises, it is better to invest on purchasing Berber carpets. These Berber carpets have the advantage without spending too much on the repair or renovation of the sub floor, but due to the thickness and density of the Berber carpet the irregularities of the sub floor can be well hidden.

9. Berber Carpets - Grades & Variety

Berber carpets are available from among a wide range. Carpets are priced from the lowest to the prices which sound astronomical. But, the price that is paid is without any hesitation the best when compared to the product.

10. Economical

The carpet when compared to other carpets is also easy to lay you can often install at less per square foot. Berber carpets have proved that they are easily least expensive and are also the most reasonable carpets to have installed. Knowing about cleaning carpets is very necessary.

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Why Carpet Stretching is necessary:

Carpet stretching is, generally, done in two different situations: During the initial installation and for a carpet repair. The initial stretch, during installation, ensures that the carpet is taught, secure, and even across the entire floor covering. Taught carpet will stay in place and stay smooth and flat to the floor where it belongs.

What causes carpets to ripple or buckle:

  • Poor installation: The carpet may have been improperly installed. In most cases of a bad installation the installer didn't use a power stretcher properly or at all.
  • Excessive wear due to traffic: Sometimes a carpet will need to be re-stretched because of wheelchairs, walkers, tricycles, etc. Even when installed to perfection it can become loose from excessive wear.
  • Sliding heavy furniture: Carpet is made of layers of fabric. When heavy furniture slides across the carpet it's likely that it will cause rippling.
  • Latex: if the latex holding the backing together deteriorates it's called delamination, the carpet essentially loses its grip on itself, resulting in buckling and loss of fiber.
  • Improper padding for carpet type. Certain pile types require specific padding types; if these are paired improperly, the right amount of grip and support may not be present, resulting in carpet buckles. Make sure you consult a trained professional or manufacturer's guide when purchasing carpet so you get the right padding to accompany it.

If your Carpet is Rippling:

(to stretch or not to stretch)

If you have carpet that looks more like the ocean than a flat carpet, you may have a problem. As soon as it begins to loosen up and become rippled, it wears faster. The bigger the ripples, the faster the ripples grow. This is because carpet is designed to lay flat and not move at all. When you walk on carpet ripples it causes the carpet to move up and down, further loosening it.

If your carpet is loose it's time to take action. In most cases, carpet stretching can fix the ripples and buckles, and there's no need to waste money replacing the carpet because of how it lays.

Carpet stretching is a common type of carpet repair that essentially involves pulling the carpet up from around one or more edges of the room, re-stretching it to proper tightness, cutting the carpet to the proper length, tacking back down into place and finally tucking it in along the edge.

Like any type of carpet repair, stretching carpet is more involved than it seems to be. Stretching carpet isn't just a matter of smoothing out ripples and re-securing, or pulling at the edges by hand as you would a bed sheet. Carpet stretching comes with its own tools and techniques that help you do the job right.

Essential Carpet Stretching Tools

A professional who repairs carpet for a living will have all of these tools on hand. If you decide to try and stretch carpet yourself, most or all of these tools should be available for rental or purchase at a relatively reasonable price. Even contracting out your carpet stretching is far more cost-effective than replacing the carpet, so either way, these tools, in your hands or someone else's, save you quite a bit of money.

Partial list

  • Knee stretcher. A knee stretcher, also known as a kicker, is a special tool that has a grip on one end, to attach to the carpet, and a pad on the other end, for you to 'kick' with your quadriceps, (do not kick with your knee!)
  • Power carpet stretcher. In the trade we usually call this too our stretcher. The stretcher is the most important tool for stretching carpet. It's specially designed to adjust to any size room and help stretch carpet much more effectively than anyone could do by hand (or by knee). A power carpet stretcher features a very long pole with a carpet grip on one end, a wall brace on the other, and a handle lever in the middle. Don't even try to stretch a carpet without one. This is the most expensive tool most of us carpet people have.
  • Carpet or slotted blade knife. Involved in almost every carpet repair task you can imagine, a good carpet knife will never let you down. In the case of carpet stretching, the knife is used to trim excess carpet from the edge after it's been pulled tight.
  • Staple gun. An industrial carpet staple gun isn't a regular staple gun. The staples are far narrower so that they fit between the nap. Carpet staple guns aren't always necessary for carpet stretching, but it's good to have on hand just to make sure. Because a properly stretched carpet is pretty tight, the tack strip alone may not hold it down satisfactorily, in which case the staple gun eliminates any doubt.
  • Stair tool. A chisel like tool used for tucking carpet in after cutting it to the right size.
  • Awl. Looks like an ice pick, used to dis-attach carpet from the tack strip
  • Hammer.

Carpet Stretching: Do Your Homework First

It's important to keep a few other things in mind when your carpet repair task is to stretch carpet.

Just as carpet manufacturers specify the appropriate padding type for individual carpet types, so they also specify appropriate carpet stretching methods and amounts. What's right for some types may not be appropriate for others. For example, tufted carpet with a jute fiber backing needs to be a bit tighter than tufted fiber with a synthetic fiber backing. And some woven carpets will stretch in one direction but not the other. Consult manufacturer instructions or a carpet repair specialist so you have all the facts before you get started. After all, knowing what you're working with is just as important as knowing what you're doing.

The following is an over-simplified tutorial. If you don't already know what you're doing then you will be better off just hiring a pro. If you decide that you want to tackle stretching your own carpet I suggest that you take your time, use your head, keep your blades sharp, don't try to just kick it tight with a knee kicker and most of all be careful.

Carpet Stretching Technique

The first step is to empty the room of furniture. If you really know what you're doing then you can probably work around some furniture but if you're a novice I suggest that you do yourself a favor and empty the room.

Determine which direction the carpet needs to be pulled. In most cases the carpet only needs to be pulled one direction.

Remove any metal strips that will be in the way. Some flat metal strips need to have nails removed. Another type of metal strip is called a clamp down metal. To free the carpet from the clamp down metal, pry it open (just a little bit) with a flat chisel or a stair tool. There are too many different types of metal strips to describe here so you'll just have to figure it out.

Use an awl to lift the edge of the carpet. Go to a corner of the room and poke the awl right through the carpet about 6" from the wall. From here you will be able to pull the carpet up. If you don't have an awl you can probably use a pair of pliers.

Now it's time to unpack the carpet stretcher. Set it up so that the foot end is up against the baseboard and the head is a few inches from the wall that you are stretching towards. The power stretcher is more than strong enough to rip carpet so be careful to only stretch the carpet just enough to remove the wrinkles (and maybe just a little bit more). Over stretching carpet isn't a good idea because you will create ripples going the other direction. So again, only stretch the carpet as much as you need to in order to remover the ripples.

Use the kicker to make small adjustments.

Start at the center of the room and stretch the carpet at a slight angle towards the corners. Each time you push on the handle of the power stretcher you will pull the carpet.

Cut the carpet from the back using the slotted blade knife. You should cut it so that it is still going to belong enough to tuck into the groove between the tack strip and the wall. If you cut the carpet a little bit too short, you can probably stretch it a little bit more. If you cut it too long to tuck it in properly, then just cut some more.

Before moving on to the next area, push the carpet into the nails that stick out of the tack strip. If the carpet is hard to get it to stick to the tack strip then use the carpet staple gun.

If you use the staple gun, be sure to get the point of the gun down between the nap so that you are only stapling the backing to the tack strip and not stapling the nap down. Continue across the room stretching, cutting, tacking and tucking. Replace any metal transitions and viola!

Window Cleaning Vancouver refers to window cleaning solutions that are so very essential for the safety and efficiency of your windows. It also refers to the maintenance of high levels of hygiene so that the health of the family members is not affected. Badly maintained windows can cause a lot of damage to the surrounding walls as well become a breeding ground for bugs, termites, etc. So, it is important that you hire a professional window cleaning Company that can offer a variety of window cleaning solutions.

Window Cleaning Services

A professionally managed window cleaning Vancouver Company can offer a host of window cleaning services that will improve the health of your windows and enhance their efficiency levels. Some of these services rendered by a professional firm consist of regular window cleaning, window frames cleaning, cleaning of window tracks, replacement of storm windows, interior and exterior lobby windows cleaning, etc. The services that are provided by these firms are not simple tasks. It requires the services of skilled and highly trained window cleaning professionals who perform their work efficiently.

Finding an Efficient Window Cleaning Company

Hire a window cleaning firm that is professionally managed and has a team of highly skilled and trained cleaning staff who focus on maintaining the efficiency of the windows at all times. Look for a firm that has a license and has adequate insurance to carry on the business of providing window cleaning solutions in the city of Vancouver.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions

There are many cleaning services Vancouver firms that also provide a range of carpet cleaning solutions to their customers. Cleaning carpets is a specialized task and hence requires the services of carpet cleaning Vancouver experts. These experts use different kinds of cleaning solutions to ensure that all the dust, dirt, grime, algae, moss, etc., are removed. This ensures that your carpet looks as beautiful as earlier and as soft as ever.

Areal Building Services provides high quality professional janitorial services and cleaning services that are both reliable and dependable.

The professional carpet cleaning industry has been traditionally based on the use of cleaning compounds mixed with water, which are then applied to carpets to remove dirt and residual stains. Although several methods can be used to apply carpet-cleaning compounds to carpet, the most commonly-used method in professional carpet-cleaning includes the use of steam to activate the elements in cleaning solutions and to hydrate debris for easier removal from carpet fabric.

The method of steam-cleaning, otherwise known as hot water extraction, is actually more dependent on the cleaning action of the cleaning elements combined with pressurized hot water than it is on steam as an active agent in the process, although steam is created. In this method of professional carpet cleaning, water is heated to approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit and then mixed with cleaning solutions. This mixture is then applied to carpet surfaces at a pressurized rate to cause the mixture to be absorbed more fully into the carpet. Vacuuming after the cleaning solution has dried is required.

Steam cleaning of carpets has traditionally included the use of synthetic chemical compounds in professional carpet cleaning systems. The majority of these types of synthetic compounds contained petroleum-based elements, such as naphthalene and perchloroethylene. These cleaning solutions contain chlorinated hydrocarbons that produce enzyme-like reactions, which cause debris and other material to be loosened from carpet fibers. The loosened debris is removed from carpet surfaces after a sufficient “dwell time” (time allowed for the chemicals to work) by introducing pressurized hot water to the carpet with a device known as a wand to rinse out and lift the debris with the chemicals.

While the use of steam cleaning has been the method most often used in professional carpet cleaning, other methods have been developed as a response to public requests for a carpet cleaning method that did not require extended drying times before surfaces could be accessed. Additionally, the concerns over the effects of some cleaning solutions on public health and the environment led to the development of techniques that include organic-based elements and dry-cleaning methods for the removal of dirt and stains from carpets.

One method of cleaning carpets that does not require drying time uses absorbent and biodegradable powders. This method is now used more extensively by professional carpet cleaning companies due to decreased treatment times and the use of more eco-friendly compounds. The cleaning powders are applied to the surface of the carpet and then worked into the carpet fibers by the use of machines that have counter-rotating brushes. These brushes work the cleaning powders deeply into the carpet, where the powder absorbs the loosened debris from the carpet fibers.

Another development in professional carpet cleaning includes the use of special polymers that are more biodegradable and that present less risk of harm to human health and the environment. These polymers work by encapsulating, or crystallizing, dirt particles into a dried residue is formed. The polymer-based cleaning compound is applied by rotary brush machines or compressed-air devices that do not use water as an element of the cleaning process. The dried dirt residue is then immediately available to be vacuumed, either as a separate process or by a secondary action of the cleaning apparatus.

Wool precious natural fiber that has many characteristics that match the carpet. Wool is not the cause of allergies, which can be very important for those who may be associated with allergies or children with asthma. This is not conducive to the growth of dust mites and bacteria and have no harmful emissions, how to make synthetic fiber carpet. This, of course, soil-resistant. Wool is naturally flame retardant. Wool fiber has a long-term storage is very good from a natural appearance, which is why some wool carpets do not age as fast as man-made fiber carpet. Wool fibers do not destroy or break down used as the manufacture of carpet fibers.

Along with the natural properties of wool over a man made rug is wool and natural ability to absorb and retain the color. As a natural wool fiber is capable of capturing expressive colors other than synthetic fabrics. Also, as someone who has a synthetic carpet out, synthetic carpets often need cleaning, and after treatment of artificial fibers such as olefin, nylon and polyester is actually gray in the field of development and actually look worse than before, than they have been cleaned. It will not happen with wool carpet.

You may want to consider when buying a new coat or replace the existing carpet. If you can not afford to carpet the whole house with wool, area rugs, which will receive heavy traffic, such as living room or living room. You will be glad you did.

Many different methods can be used.

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Carpets are ordinarily used to summate life and to a greater extent beauty to the living room or the hallway or in some other parts of the house. A standard house would more or less have at least two carpets. However, carpet scavenging will need several hours, if not the whole day, from taking out furniture, trailing heavy cleaning machines, to the real tedious carpet cleaning roswell work. Thus, most people resort to hire professional cleaners to do the job. This way, they can expend more time with their families. Below are several significant tips in Preferring the company that would offer the Most Preferential carpet cleaning roswell services:

Acquire a qualified carpet cleaner. Make confident that the company you are Preferring has a certification that they in reality have undergone professional educations. With the high service rate of carpet cleaning roswell, there is no doubt that a plenty of non-certified carpet cleaners will extend their functions at lower rates. You must be fortuitous enough if you realize to have your carpet cleaned and remain unharmed.

Have a reckon at the cost. Carpet scavenging is a no easy task; hence, most company who extend said servicing charge quite high. Yet you have to regard whether the charge they are needing is rational enough for you to get your carpet cleaned. Servicing fees must not be too high as purchasing a entire new carpet but must not be excessively low as buying a detergent soap.

Explore on the company’s background knowledge. If you already have in mind what company to go to for carpet cleaning roswell, then do a little explore on its background as well as its servicing record. Ask around. Make for sure that the said company has a bond certificate and indemnity. This is to determine that the company you take will be yielding for the monetary value of the harms to your house they may acquire during the carpet cleaning roswell process.

Ask for friends’ help. It is preferred if you postulate your neighbor who does their carpet cleaning roswell. And whether did they like it or not. This way, you can assure that you have the Unsurpassed cleaners.

Ask from previous customers. If your chosen cleaners have been in the business concern for several years, it is believable that they already have got lots of clients. Ask for their names. When you sustain them with you now, it is time for you to do a little inquiry. You may confabulate previous clients or call them on the phone. This way, they can facilitate you settle whether to permit them to do the carpet scavenging for you as well.

Inquire about their employees. Some companies do not have their own cleansing employees. They do the PR works only yet they rent sub-contracting employees to manage the job. If this is the case, it is advisable to see for another companies who possess their own employees. If the company designates the cleaning job to sub-contracting employees, they will have low command over the cleaners. Hence, they may deny or spurn to pay in case they breach or scathe something in your house during the carpet cleaning roswell work.

A patch is one of the most common types of repairs that we do. We use a carpet patch to solve several types of carpet problems where small to mid-sized portions of wall-to-wall carpet have been damaged. People usually call us to patch their carpet when other methods to restore their carpet won't work.

Common causes of carpet damage that require this type of carpet repair include carpet burns, carpet stains, carpet tears, carpet holes, pet damage (Bad Kitty!), and remodeling as well as worn traffic paths.

We remove the damaged area, and replace it with an identical piece of carpet. When done correctly, it's normally, but not always invisible to the eye. Depending on the type of carpet you may be able to see the patch, but it will almost always look far better than what we started with.

Reasons why your carpet patch may not look as good as you'd like

• The patch is a different color due to the original carpet fading.

• The patch is new and the area where it's going is old and worn.

• The patch has a gap or overlap in the seam.

• The carpet is running the wrong direction.

Start with the essentials: carpet anatomy

The greater the damage, the more complicated the repair, so it helps to understand what exactly your carpet is made of so you can assess how far the damage has gone.

Every carpet has several layers below what we can see with the eye. That top layer, which comes in various colors, weaves, heights, materials, and densities, (and which is the fun part to pick out when you go carpet shopping) is called the pile. The pile is made from many different materials: nylon is the most common encountered in both commercial and residential carpet repair, because it is relatively stain- and heat-resistant and doesn't crush easily.

Most people are familiar with the fact that padding lies below the carpet, which helps give it its comfortable feel when you walk on it. This is the bottom layer. Common types of padding include foam (cheap), rebond, frothed foam, slab rubber, waffle rubber, fiber (such as jute, recycled textiles, synthetic fibers, etc.), and in some cases special Berber padding.

Between the pile and the padding is the backing, which is made of two layers and holds the fibers together so the carpet doesn't fall apart. When the carpet is manufactured, needles are used to push the fiber through the primary backing. It's then sealed against the secondary backing with very strong adhesive to keep everything in place.

Once you're familiar with how your carpet is constructed, it's easier to envision how patching works, even if you've never done it before. These are the basics of your carpet's anatomy, and should help you in assessing how far down the damage has gone, which is an important step in carpet repair and carpet patching.

#1 Carpet Patching Requirement: Carpet Patches!

Just as important as removing the damaged carpet is replacing it with well-matched good carpet. There's a few different ways to find a fresh carpet patch:

· In ideal situations, the new carpet patches come from spare scraps left over from the original installation. Always save the scraps!

· If you don't have any leftover carpet from the installation we may be able to steal some carpet from a closet, beneath a radiator or from under a piece of furniture that you never move. (Now you'll never move it for sure.)

· If your carpet is a relatively common style, a nearby retailer may have a perfect or near-perfect match that you can purchase. (The chances of finding a perfect match are somewhere between slim and none.)

· If you need to patch a significant area that matches the rest of the house (such as several steps in a stairway or a hallway, one great carpet patching alternative is to re-appropriate matching carpet from another room, such as a bedroom. Re-carpeting just that one bedroom means the hallway/stairway still matches the rest of the house, and costs a LOT less money than replacing the carpet for whole common area.

Basic Steps of Carpet Patching for the novice.

1. Removing the damaged carpet: Start by using a straight edge and a row finder. An ice pick or a Phillips screwdriver can be used instead of a row finder. Place the straight edge on the carpet with the groove side down. Use the row finder to separate the nap. Do this by dragging the point of the row finder across the carpet up and down and against the edge of the straight edge.

2. Use a slotted blade knife with a fresh blade. You can use a slotted blade knife (butted up against the straight edge to cut through the carpet without cutting through too much of the nap if you used the row finder properly. The more nap you cut off, the worse the carpet patch will look.

3. Choose a scrap of carpet that's leftover from the original installation for the carpet patch. If you don't have any leftover scraps of carpet then you'll need to remove a piece from a closet or from under a piece of furniture. Some people try to find a piece of matching carpet at a carpet store but it's nearly impossible. On occasion we will have the customer buy some carpet from a carpet store that is very close to matching. We then take carpet from a closet to do the patch with and use the new carpet in the closet.

4. Determine the direction of the nap. Carpet lays down more when you brush your hand in one direction than in other directions. It's incredibly important for proper carpet patching that all the carpet runs the same direction. Sometimes it's really hard to tell which way the carpet nap runs. All I can say is to keep brushing your hand in different directions until you really get to know the carpet. If you keep at it, you'll figure it out.

5. Turn the carpet patch over and use the straight edge to cut a perfect patch from the back. If you are untrained, chances are that you won't be able to cut a perfect patch. (Tip, use a fresh blade in the slotted blade carpet knife) Here at Creative Carpet Repair we're carpet repair experts, we do this all the time so it's easy for us. If the patch isn't cut exactly perfect you'll see the carpet patch.

6. Now that the carpet patch is cut exactly perfect without any gaps or overlaps at the seams it's time to seal the edges. You can seal the edges with latex or with a glue gun. Just use the slightest amount of glue along both edges so that there won't be fraying in the future. Not everyone seals the edges but it is highly recommended.

7. The carpet patch is cut to perfection, the edges are sealed and now you're ready to adhere the carpet patch to the rest of the carpet. The way we do it is to use a special carpet seam tape with an iron or with a hot glue gun. For the beginner I'd recommend using the glue gun.

Cut the seam tape to the size of the carpet patch. Line up the carpet seam tape so that half of it is under the existing carpet and the other half of it will be under the patch.

Use the glue gun to apply a generous amount of hot glue under the seam of the carpet. Slowly work your way all the way around the carpet until you have glued the carpet patch into place. (hint, have a glass of water right next to you for when you get molten hot glue on your fingers. A quick dip will cool it off right away and prevent you from experiencing nearly as much pain.)

When gluing the carpet patch down using the glue gun, pay special attention to the backing. You want to glue the backing down so that it's butted up just right. Also be especially careful to avoid getting the nap of the carpet pushed down into the hot glue. It's a mess when that happens and there's no recovery.

As you glue the carpet together, push the carpet backing down into the hot glue using a carpet tractor. It's a good idea to put a flat weight on top of the seam for a few minutes as you work your way around.

If you're a novice, I wouldn't recommend that you try to use the carpet seam iron to patch a carpet. It takes a skill that doesn't come on the first try. You can get a better idea by watching the free videos that you can find on the main website.

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Carpets are commonly employed to lend life and to a greater extent beauty to the living room or the hallway or in some other parts of the house. A standardized house would more or less hold at least two carpets. However, carpet scavenging will take several hours, if not the whole day, from removing furniture, dragging heavy cleaning machines, to the factual tiresome carpet cleaning action. Thus, most people resort to hire professional cleaners to do the job. This way, they can expend more time with their families. Below are some prodigious hints in Opting the company that would offer the Most Beneficial carpet cleaning services:

Find a qualified carpet cleaner. Make certain that the company you are Opting has a credential that they really have undergone professional trainings. With the high service rate of carpet cleaning, there is no question that a lot of non-certified carpet cleaners will put up their services at lower rates. You must be favourable enough if you stimulate to have your carpet cleaned and continue undamaged.

Take a count at the monetary value. Carpet cleaning is a no casual job; hence, most company who offer said functions charge quite high. Yet you have to look at whether the charge they are exacting is rational enough for you to get your carpet cleaned. Servicing fees must not be too high as buying a entire new carpet but must not be overly low as purchasing a detergent soap.

Research on the company’s background. If you already have in idea what party to go to for carpet cleaning, then do a little research on its background as well as its servicing record. Ask around. Make careful that the said company has a attachment and insurance policy. This is to vouch that the company you take will be sacrificing for the monetary value of the impairments to your house they may obtain during the carpet cleaning process.

Ask for friends’ help. It is desirable if you call for your neighbor who does their carpet cleaning. And whether did they like it or not. This way, you can control that you have the Most Authentic cleaners.

Ask from earlier clients. If your preferred cleaners have been in the occupation for several years, it is in all probability that they already possess lots of customers. Ask for their names. When you sustain them with you now, it is time for you to do a small explore. You may visit former clients or call them on the phone. This way, they can facilitate you settle whether to allow them to do the carpet scavenging for you as well.

Investigate about their employees. Some companies do not have their own scavenging employees. They do the PR works only yet they charter sub-contracting employees to execute the job. If this is the case, it is advisable to look for another companies who carry their own employees. If the company designates the cleaning job to sub-contracting employees, they will have small control over the cleansers. Therefore, they may deny or deny to compensate in case they break or harm something in your house during the carpet cleaning process.

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