Berber carpet - a cut above other carpets

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This article tells us about the origins of a carpet called "berber carpet." The paragraphs elucidate the advantages of the particular type. Pros and cons are weighed and at the end a clearer picture emerges about the berber carpet.

Have you ever heard of the Berber carpet, and do you where it originally comes from? A tribe in North Africa is known as the Berber tribe, the people of this tribe use handmade wool which is quite famous worldwide. The Berber carpet in vogue is made in accordance to the method employed by the tribe who use flecked bulky yarns to make exotic carpets. There are 10 reasons to prefer the Berber carpet over other carpets.

1. Exclusive

To easily recognize and identify the Berber carpet you would have to look for that distinct special looped flecked yarn which makes this carpet stylish and unique.

2. Loop Size - Choice

The Berber carpets are also unique for the reason that there are various choices from among level loop, multi level loops and loop and cut designs. They can be chosen from small tight loops to large knotty loops to cater for every room and decor according to the individuals taste.

3. Super Allergy Proof

In case of a history of allergy in the family or children, then a Berber carpet would fit the bill perfectly as they are capable of stopping bacteria growth, they are non allergic and are non toxic too.

4. Comfortable

The Berber carpet is made in such a way that they have numerous air pockets in them which in turn gives that wonderful cushiony feel when walked upon. They are also adept at maintaining the temperature of the room due to their insulating ability.

5. Tough

The Berber carpet is quite durable if you do not indulge in snagging as that may damage it. They definitely have the quality to really last long, the carpet does not show the post vacuum cleaning lines and footprints are not visible too. By and large they are the among the easiest carpets to clean while retaining the brand new look even after adding considerable time on it.

6. Easy on the Pocket

Berber carpets have another advantage of being affordable while being rich in appearance, color and style. It is quite ironical that pure wool carpets are cheaper, long lasting and stylish than olefin, nylon or any other man made fibers used for making the carpet which are expensive.

7. Various Colors

Berber carpets offer more to choose from among any other carpet. They are generally made when the appropriate pastel colors, dark colors and neutral or earthen color are varied and mixed. The result is that there are wide ranges to make a choice from. The major difference is the way the pile density and the kind of twisting the yarn are given.

8. To Camouflage the Sub Floor

When the requirement to redo the rugs on some of the older homes arises, it is better to invest on purchasing Berber carpets. These Berber carpets have the advantage without spending too much on the repair or renovation of the sub floor, but due to the thickness and density of the Berber carpet the irregularities of the sub floor can be well hidden.

9. Berber Carpets - Grades & Variety

Berber carpets are available from among a wide range. Carpets are priced from the lowest to the prices which sound astronomical. But, the price that is paid is without any hesitation the best when compared to the product.

10. Economical

The carpet when compared to other carpets is also easy to lay you can often install at less per square foot. Berber carpets have proved that they are easily least expensive and are also the most reasonable carpets to have installed. Knowing about cleaning carpets is very necessary.

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