Carpet Cleaning Advice Given

In autumn, leaves do blow or cling soggily to feet. Carpet at entrances automatically brushes off shoes and prevents Ihe tracking of soil. The small area at the doorway will need more frequent attention, but the rest of the house will be spared.

After the children go back to school, but before it gets too cold, consider giving your carpels their periodic professional cleaning. You can tell if they ready for a clean by parting the pile and taking a close look. If a dirt line shows deeper thin the half-way mark, it is time. The whole object is to keep soil from working down to the base of the fibers.

If you choose to clean the carpet yourself, follow directions for each kind of fiber. There, are many handy products that tell exactly what to use for general cleaning as well as "accident" spots. Fast drying is a secret of success. Help it out with the blower attachment on the vacuum.

The easy, basic rules of carpet care hold all year long: a thorough vacuuming once a week, a touch- up in between with sweeper or vacuum and periodic cleaning. During the holidays, children of all ages sit on the floor—around the fireplace, tree or TV set, so be sure your carpets are clean.

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