People generally use their personal preference when they buy a carpet. However, there are other things that you may have to consider when you have to choose a carpet for your house.

First, you should consider about the usage of the carpet. Because its usage is the good indicator of the carpet’s nature and quality, for example, if the carpets are designed to be used in the public area, you will find that the thickness of the carpet and its texture will much more thicker than the ones that designed for general use as well as easy to clean.

Besides, there are different of places where the carpets are used. One office may need the carpet to represents their corporate reliability and professionalism, so the type of carpet they will use have to have plain colour or as less pattern as possible. But other one company need to represent their creativity and idea, so they have to use the colourful carpets, which will make the company unique and build customers first impression.

Colour of the carpet also important

You may not believe that that colour and the size of the room are relevant. The colour of the carpet can change the room look and feel; to be larger or smaller than they actually are. For example, carpets that have soft tone colour will make the room looks larger, suitable for use with small rooms and has very limited space. The carpets that have dark tone colour will make the room more distinct and clear, so they may not suitable with the room that has no standard shape (not square shape) or small rooms.

How to maintain carpets

You have to consider many factors in order to know how to keep and maintain the carpet. First, you should consider that, in your room, whether there are conditions or circumstances that will generate dust such as close to a factory, near the main road, near the construction area or your room always keep windows open etc. These factors may have much influence to the way you use for choosing carpet whether it is easy or difficult to clean and its colour. If you have room that in environment that always generate dust, you should avoid using carpets that have dark tone colour without pattern (black, dark blue or brown) and also avoid using carpets that have very light colour tone such as white, cream because you will see the stained on the carpet very easily.

You must clean the carpet by using vacuum cleaner as often as you can, and if possible, you should call for professional service come to maintain the carpet at least once a year to do major clean and check the carpet’s condition. If you have problems that you can not do vacuum cleaning your carpet often, you may have to choose type of dust-captured carpets and difficult to clean, instead, use the flat carpets that has pattern and colourful which will help to hide dust and stain. By doing what I have suggested above, you can make sure that you can use this carpet as long as it can be, may be about 8 up to 10 years!!

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