There are several things that you can do to keep your carpet upholstery looking brand new. Prices are going up and it is just not cost effective to replace your carpet upholstery every year, so you need to take care of it.

There are several things that you can do to prevent wear and tear. Some of them are practical and some are not. In the case of the carpet upholstery on furniture, such as a couch, it is always good to spray a stain resistant product on it. In doing that, if someone spills on your carpet upholstery it will not stain. Another method, however not very practical, is putting plastic. Most people in this day in age do not do that. You will however, find the occasional person, usually elderly, who will do that. There is a type of plastic carpet upholstery that people will actually walk on it. It is a rubber-type mat with spikes on the bottom to hold in onto the carpet. This is best for high traffic areas such as down hallways or stairways.

It is good to clean your carpet upholstery regularly even if it does not have stains on it. It will keep your carpet upholstery looking new and smelling fresh. You may not notice that your carpet upholstery is looking dingy until you move something, such as furniture, and see the difference in the carpet. Using a steam cleaner is a good idea. It is made for a floor, and also has attachments for cleaning carpet upholstery on furniture. If something spilled on your carpet upholstery, it is wise to immediately spray carpet cleaner on it. You should let the cleaner soak for several minutes before cleaning the spot. This just gives the stain more time to dissolve. If there is a considerable amount of water on the floor, cause by a leak for example, it may be necessary to remove your carpet upholstery. There is usually a mat between the floor and the carpet and if that is wet, it can cause mold to grow.

If you do the things listed in this article, your carpet upholstery should look nice for years to come.

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