Carpet spot cleaners are very popular. You will find a great variety to choose from at a grocery store. Can they harm your carpet? The answer to this is yes, they can. Continue reading to learn how spotters can damage your carpet and how to prevent the damage.

One way spotters can harm your carpet is by being too strong. A cleaner that is too strong can strip the protector off of the carpet or it could even react with it causing your carpet to irreversibly change color. To make sure that the cleaner is not too strong you should do two things. Make sure that the spotter says that it is safe for stain resistant carpet. This means that it has a PH less than 10 and is generally safe. Also test the spotter in an inconspicuous area like a closet for color loss or color change.

The second way that spotters damage a carpet is by leaving a soil attracting residue. You must neutralize this residue. After using the cleaner you should neutralize the cleaner with a mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. Mix a solution of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water and pour it into a hand sprayer. Mist it onto any spot that you have used the carpet spotter on. This will neutralize the spotter and keep it from leaving a sticky residue behind to attract soil.

As you can see carpet spotters can be dangerous. They are however very necessary at times. By being careful about the spotter you choose and by taking a little extra caution you can prevent damage to your carpet.

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