If you want to keep your carpet in good shape you need to address issues as they happen. Sometimes your carpet does become physically damaged. This article will show you how to deal with some common carpet problems so keep reading.

One common carpet problem is a pulled loop in Berber carpet. This needs to be fixed or the pulled loop will spread all the way across the carpet. To fix it you have two options. You can either snip the loop off which will leave a visible gap in the carpet or you could try to put the loop back in the carpet. If you decide to cut it off just get a good pair of scissors and snip. If you want to fix the loop you will need a glue gun. Run a bead of glue in the gap being careful not to get any on the carpet. Now you will weave the loop back into the carpet using a dull knife or some other pointy instrument. That is all it takes, You have now fixed your pulled loop.

Another common problem of carpet is a burnt spot from a cigarette burns. To repair this you will need to snip the tops of the damaged tuft off. It will leave a low spot which is still somewhat noticeable but will look much better than a burn. The easiest way to cut the carpet tuft is to get a pair of nail clippers and snip off the top of the fiber. Be careful not to cut off too much of the fiber.

The last problem I will address is a loose step. This is a dangerous problem because it can cause a trip hazard. To repair a loose carpet on a step you will need a heavy duty stapler. Pull the carpet as tight as you can and put a few staples in the carpet to secure it. you now have a secure step and no more trip hazard.

Hopefully this article has been of use to you. If you have further problems that are not addressed in this article consult your local carpet cleaning company.

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