When you are choosing a carpet for your house, what do you look for? Many people dream of having a quality carpet in their home, but tend to stick with synthetic versions. Synthetic carpets are indeed generally cheaper and can be very useful, particularly if you have children and are worried about a good carpet being destroyed. Having a quality wool carpet, though, is a wonderful thing and they are perfect for use in any home. Here are some of the best reasons for having one.

Firstly, if you choose to have a wool carpet, you can be assured of excellent quality. If you go to top quality hotels and other places of luxury, you will often find that they use wool carpets. Having a beautiful, top quality carpet underfoot is a brilliant way of adding a bit of indulgence to your d├ęcor. This makes them especially excellent for bedrooms and lounges, where you'll be able to best enjoy their benefits.

As well as looking beautiful, the fact that carpets are of very good quality means that they are very durable. So, even if you are a little worried about them being more expensive than some other forms of carpet, the fact that you will get excellent wear out of them means they are more than worth what you pay for them. Just consider some of the oriental wool carpets you see in stately houses and museums: a lot of them are many hundreds of years old, proving that if you buy a good carpet, it will serve you well. Wool keeps its appearance better than manmade fibres. Tiles can be supplied in manmade and wool.

Oriental wool carpets are also proof that a carpet can be both durable and beautiful. Choosing a wool carpet opens many options that you simply don't find if you have a synthetic carpet. Wool is able to take a great range of dyes than other carpet material, meaning that you can achieve great subtlety of shading and even choose patterned carpets that will stand the test of time. This is perfect for the home: after all, if you are planning to build a life around your house, you want to know that the items you choose are going to last while maintaining their beauty. Wool carpets are the perfect way of doing that.

Another reason to choose a wool carpet for your home is the fact they are easy to clean: the wool has a greater absorbency than synthetic carpets, which means when you apply moisture (either water or steam) to it the wool fibres expand and release their dirt more easily. This means there is less reason to worry about accidentally staining your carpet, as long as you manage to remove the stain as soon as possible.

Wool is also warm underfoot, which makes it a great way of adding a little extra insulation to your flooring. Wherever in your house you choose to have wool carpets, you can be certain that you will have made the right choice. With their fantastic quality, durability and choice, you are sure to love your new wool carpets.

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