Carpets can add appeal and elegance to any room. This is why most businesses choose carpets to make their facilities appear more welcoming for customers. However, to maintain the beauty of carpets, it is very important to implement appropriate cleaning methods to keep the carpets clean, well-maintained, and odor-free. The most effective method is the use of carpet cleaners or carpet shampooers.

Contrary to what most people believe, rigorous vacuuming will not suffice for keep your carpets clean. Regular vacuuming is, of course, an effective method to eliminate surface and dust particles. However, vacuuming will not eliminate stubborn stains, dirt, and grime on the carpet surface, fibers, or base. For comprehensive and deep cleaning of carpets, it is best to utilize steam carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaners utilizing heat are growing in popularity due to their ability to deeply clean carpets more effectively, while leaving them drier.

Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Commercial carpet cleaning machines are second to none when it comes to effective carpet cleaning. These carpet extractors can achieve superior cleaning results that often surpass the cleaning services offered by carpet cleaning professionals.

Commercial carpet cleaners utilize the power of steam to provide thorough cleaning results. These cleaning machines allow you to eliminate dirt, dust, stains, and oil from deep within your carpets in a way vacuuming will never do. The advanced cleaning technologies present in the new versions of carpet shampooers are powerful enough to dissolve even stubborn stains caused by blood, coffee, tea, wine, or lipstick.

The super-heated steam temperatures generated by these cleaners can attain temperatures of up to 210ยบ F, allowing you to dissolve stubborn stains more readily for easy extraction. For best results with an carpet cleaning machine, pre-spray the carpet with a green carpet cleaning solution. You may also wish to use a carpet cleaning solution in your machine as well.

The innovative low-moisture low-flow technology featured in these carpet cleaning machines enables quicker drying of cleaned carpets. In fact, while most traditional carpet cleaning machines require you to leave carpets out for drying for about 24 hours, low-flow commercial carpet cleaners available from top suppliers will clean and dry your carpets in as little as 1-6 hours.

The use of low moisture not only leads to shorter drying periods but also lower risk of nasty odors, mold, or mildew. In addition, low-moisture technology of these carpet cleaners ensures that the use of water is kept to a minimum during the carpet cleaning process.

The carpet cleaners offered by reputed suppliers will be high-quality, durable, and powerful with top-grade components and materials. These carpet cleaning machines can also feature solution tanks and recovery tanks of great capacity, so that you can use it continuously for long periods across large carpeted areas.

Another outstanding feature of the top carpet cleaners on the market today is that the temperature levels are adjustable. This is true for heated units and it means you can easily adjust the temperature sot that it becomes the safest and most effective level for your particular kind of carpet.

With proper care and maintenance, it is easy to extend the life of carpets. Try using carpet cleaners and you will be surprised at the ease with which they keep your carpets looking as good as new.

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