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Carpets are essential to the look of a room in your house or in the office. Carpets are made from natural or synthetic material, the former being wool and the latter being nylon. Wool carpets are more expensive mostly because it is a natural material while synthetic carpets wear well and are typically more stain resistant. There are definitely differences in the types of carpeting that you see in a home versus an office. The office carpeting is usually alot flatter where the pile is short while in residential homes the carpet is fuller with piles generally higher.

As with anything in the home or office, carpets need cleaning every once in awhile. Cleaning involves more then just a vacuuming but actual wet and dry cleaning. Having your carpets cleaned two or three times a year will help preserve the look of your carpets for years and years to come.

Tips on cleaning carpets:

* For light stains, some water and a little dabbing ought to do it the trick. Press a dry towel lightly over the stained area. Continue doing this for several seconds to allow the towel to soak up the stain. Then, pour a small amount of water over the colored stain area and continue to dab using the other side of the towel. Finally, spray a small amount of carpet cleaner over the colored stain area. Dab using a different dry towel.

* For heavy stains, you need a different set of cleaning materials, but the process is generally the same. Always vacuum first before applying the carpet cleaner or running the steam cleaner over the stained area.

* Try not to walk over the area until it's completely dried up. Moist carpet fibers attract dust and dirt from the shoes to the carpet, and that dirt can undo all of your hard work.

* You want to pull the carpet cleaner versus push and this action is best when it is performed slowly to really get into the fibers of the carpet for a deep clean. So rushing on this process is a big no no.

* Concentrate on small areas at a time. You wan to be sure you not only cleaned a small area but also sucked up the wetness and soap used on the area. The less air drying the better.

Renting a Carpet Cleaner versus calling a Professional:

Renting a carpet cleaner versus calling in professionals is a matter of choice and money. Carpet cleaners can be rented from major Supermarkets but also from places like Home Depot. However there is a good reason for calling in the professionals. Professional Carpet Cleaners have better industrial strength equipment and can get the major rooms of a house and stairs cleaned alot quicker then you could with a rented cleaner. Think about your time and equate this to an hourly amount and then compare that to the cost of getting a professional cleaner. Professional Carpet Cleaning companies also have Scotch Guarding and Deodorizing options that they can apply to enhance your carpet.

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  1. bakar said...
    You can use all the carpet cleaning tips in the world, and guess what? You still probably can't get your carpet as clean on your own as a professional carpet cleaner can. On the other hand, who needs perfection? The tips here will help you get that carpet clean enough.

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