Carpet Care Basics

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring options, but it does require daily care to ensure that it stays looking nice. Carpet care is something that should be done regularly to ensure that dirt and other debris does not ruin the surface or the underlying padding of the carpet.

One of the biggest concerns with carpeting is that it can trap dirt and acquire stains easily. Liquids and dirt easily seep into the carpet and can become a permanent problem rather quickly. To avoid staining and damage it is important that a person takes good care of their carpet.

Daily the carpet should be vacuumed to help keep dirt and debris to a minimum and prevent it from being trapped deep into the carpet fibers.

Spills and other stains should be treated immediately. It is important to consult manufactures recommendations on treating carpet stains to avoid damaging the carpet. Most cleaners are suitable for carpets, but certain types of carpet require special care.

Liquid spills should be immediately blotted up and then scrubbed to help get the excess liquid before it seeps too deep into the carpet where it becomes trapped.

For carpets in a high traffic area it can help to stain treat it and also use area rugs. Area rugs will help the carpet in the highest traffic areas avoid wear and tear which can happen quickly and help extend the life of the carpet.

Caring for carpet also requires an occasionally cleaning with a steam vac or other carpet cleaner. This can be done monthly just to ensure that all surface dirt is kept from getting trapped down in the carpet.

Carpet care is something most people are familiar with. Many times people try to avoid regular care by covering up the carpet with rugs or making strict rules about what can be done on the carpeted area, like eating or wearing shoes. While these methods are nice they are not going to 100% protect the carpet and keep it looking new. It also takes a bit of regular maintenance care.



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