If you are looking into carpet cleaning you might have run across the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning process. But what exactly is this process and how does it work? Read this article for some information on this process and the pros and cons of it.

Overall the Host process is a great carpet cleaning process. The first step in this process and any other carpet cleaning process is to thoroughly vacuum your carpet. This is to remove the dry soil which makes up the majority of the soil in your homes carpet. The next step is to mist the carpet with the preconditioning spray called Prep. Then the next step is to sprinkle the carpet with a semi moist cleaning compound which looks like saw dust. The compound is actually made up of corn cobs which makes it environmentally sound. The cleaning compound called Sponges are now agitated with the use of a cleaning machine with counter rotating nylon brushes. It is cleaned first in a north to south direction and then in a east to west direction. This assures that all sides of the carpet fiber are reached. The Sponges gently scrub the carpet fibers absorbing soil. After the Sponges are agitated they are allowed to dry and then vacuumed out of the carpet leaving it clean and dry, ready for immediate use. The benefit of this system is that it allows for the almost immediate use of the carpet and leaves minimal residue. The only real negative is that the carpet will have some of the sponges in it. It is nearly impossible to remove them all. They might have some benefit to retard soiling however.

As you can see, the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning process is a very interesting one. It is also very effective. To find a local carpet cleaner near you using the Host method simply do a search for it online. There is normally one in every city. Good luck.

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