If you are in need of carpet or upholstery cleaning you might want to consider having it dry cleaned. There are a number of advantages to this style of cleaning with the main one being that your carpet will be dry quickly and ready for use. If you would like to try having your carpet dry cleaned you should read this article to learn about the different types dry cleaning.

One type of dry cleaning is called dry powder cleaning. With this method the carpet cleaner first vacuums the carpet and then applies a semi moist powder onto it. The powder is agitated several directions and then is vacuumed up. This method results in the quickest drying time because the carpet is ready for use almost immediately. It does have the disadvantage of leaving behind some of the powder although the powder may inhibit resoiling. Another method of dry carpet cleaning is called dry foam. With this method the carpe cleaner first vacuums your carpet thoroughly. Next they apply a shampoo to your carpet and agitate it with a machine. The shampoo absorbs and holds the soil and is allowed to dry. After it is dry the cleaner vacuums the now brittle shampoo up and your carpet is clean and ready to use. The last dry cleaning method I will talk about is called dry chemical or bonnet cleaning. With this method the carpet cleaner also first vacuums the carpet to remove dry soil. They then apply a cleaning agent to the carpet and use a floor machine to agitate and absorb the solution with cotton or synthetic bonnets. They then allow the carpet to dry which normally takes less than an hour.

These are the three main types of dry carpet cleaning. Choose the one that works best for you and makes the most sense to you. If you are in doubt about which one to choose just call a few local carpet cleaners for more information. Good luck with whichever method you choose.

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