SMART Carpet specializes in customized shop-at-home full service flooring. SMART Carpet now offers a remarkable new Carpet product called Magic Fresh Carpet. Using a patented chemical combination, SMART Carpet’s Magic Fresh Carpet is beyond stain resistant; it is now odor repellent as well. Magic Fresh Carpet is the newest Carpet technology available at SMART Carpet.

Customers who have tried SMART Carpet’s Magic Fresh Carpet have been returning overwhelmingly favorable reports. SMART Carpet examined comparative product testing results that showed the impressive odor neutralizing capabilities of Magic Fresh Carpet. According to the experts at SMART Carpet, some of the most notorious and tenacious of household odors were no match for new Magic Fresh Carpet. SMART Carpet says that Magic Fresh Carpet even handled odors like cigarette smoke, pet accidents, and food spills.

The Magic Fresh Carpet compound has the dual strength of blocking new odors and eliminating old ones. In addition to its groundbreaking odor eating technology, says the team at SMART Carpet, Magic Fresh Carpet is also made with environmentally friendly materials. SMART Carpet says that the safety and effectiveness of this new product is a boon to customers with young children or pets. With Magic Fresh Carpet from SMART Carpet, parents can enhance the hygiene of their home without compromising the health of their family.

Another excellent quality of SMART Carpet’s Magic Fresh Carpet is that it is self-renewing. SMART Carpet explains that this makes Magic Fresh Carpet retain its odor destroying attributes for several years. By any measure, says SMART Carpet, using Magic Fresh Carpet in a home is a valuable investment. For any customers considering Carpeting as their flooring choice, SMART Carpet suggests the use of Magic Fresh Carpet technology. SMART Carpet explains that Magic Fresh Carpet works in tandem with ScotchguardTM and other Carpeting treatments. With this added feature, SMART Carpet has experienced a welcome increase in satisfied Carpet shoppers.


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