Carpet tiles and Squares are popular but often understood. They were invented to provide an easy replacement strategy for high traffic areas when an area became worn, stained or soiled. The owner could pull up the bad tile or squares and simply lay a new one down with a double faced tape or a slight bit of glue. The concept took off and became rapidly popular. The trend even made it's way into the residential segment as a great Do-It-Yourself project for homeowners. Tiles and carpet squares were now being used not only in offices, hotels, restaurants etc, but also in basements, playrooms, bonus rooms, and even bedrooms. Although Carpet tiles and squares are probably the easiest flooring to install, they aren't always the least expensive option. Some first quality tiles end up costing more than the total price of carpet, padding and installation. That's were the secret lies. If you're considering using carpet tiles and squares, be sure to look at off goods and seconds! They will not only install easily, but will also be a lower total cost for the project than most any other solution.

What is an off good or second in carpet tiles? Any tile that cannot be sold as first quality, will be classified as a second, third, or general off good. These terms can mean several things but here is a pretty good breakdown of what constitutes a non first quality carpet tile or square.

• If the tile has a pattern, the pattern may be slightly skewed, off center, or have an irregular shape to the design.
• If the tile or square is a solid color but is off color or has a streak that is lighter or darker than the rest of the tile.
• Sometimes you will see a plush style that has a thin loop line. This is where the machine did not cut the loop as it was supposed to.
• Occasionally, you will get a tile that has irregularities in the padding or backing. In most cases, this wouldn't cause an issue. If you have a tile that does have a backing issue, just cut the bad part off and use the rest or use it as the tile that is on the outside next to the wall.
• If the backing is separating from the carpet, this can cause a tile to be a second or third quality. Sometimes this is as simple as using a little glue in the spot where it is separating. If it is a significant amount, just cut the bad part out and use the remainder against the wall.

A tip when using off goods carpet tiles and squares is to not only buy extra, but to also consider using two different color tiles. You can create a neat checkerboard look that will really add style to the room as well as hide blemishes in any of the tiles.

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