Carpet cleaners are a boon to the cleaning world, which makes cleaning a much easier and better process. Gone are the days when people used to take a lot of trouble cleaning their carpets which used to be a time consuming process as well. But with the invention of carpet cleaners, the work has become much easier and neater as well. The carpet cleaners are designed for deep-cleaning and removal of dirt and dust by the application of chemicals and water with detergents, in some cases. This is then disposed off outside, and the result is clean and tidy carpets!

Different models of carpet cleaners work differently. But the basic way that the carpet cleaner uses to clean remains the same. Usually in an upright cleaner, the cleaner has a water tank where water is filled and the detergent tank where the detergent is filled. The pump that is available in the cleaner draws the water from the tank and mixes it with the detergent. Then this is sprayed at a high force from the cleaning head of the machine on the spot. As the water jets out of the machine, the area that the water is exposed to is cleaned. The cleaner also has brushes on them to scrub and clean the area that needs cleaning. Depending on the type of the cleaner, the brushes would be available in various shapes and sizes and they also come in movable heads etc to enable easy cleaning of the carpet. Altogether this forms into a mixture of dirt and water.

This mixture is then sucked up by the machine by vacuum suction and this is stored into the recovery tank, which is a separate tank in itself, apart from the initial water tank that has been discussed. When the water in the water tank gets over, this tank is refilled with fresh water for cleaning. Also the water mixture in the recovery tank is spilled out and cleaned thoroughly. The detergent tank has a knob which can be adjusted to turn the detergent supply on or off. If the supply is switched off, the water that comes out of the cleaner is clear and plain.

In a cylindrical carpet cleaner, the same principle is only used. They are usually larger than the upright models and also have wheels to move the machine, since they are more bulky and difficult to move about. Here, cold water and detergent are mixed and poured in the same water tank. As and when the carpet is cleaned, this mixture flows down through a thin pipe and the mixture with the dirt included is sucked into the unit. This is removed from the tank and exited out.

Carpets are wonderful decorating agents that make the house look neat and tidy. Maintaining them is a very important task and challenge. This challenge is also taken care of effectively, by the carpet cleaners. With the technology boom happening every minute, it is no surprise that such tedious tasks like cleaning are also been done faster and effectively as well!


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